BlazeDays in the School and Community

A BlazeDay is a unique and exciting opportunity for students in schools and community groups to experience a range of Paralympic sports and to learn about the many sporting opportunities available to people with all types of physical disabilities.

Aims of a BlazeDay:

  • To increase awareness of the range of sports available to people with physical disabilities.
  • To educate students about different types of physical disabilities.
  • To encourage inclusion of students with disabilities.
  • To help educators become knowledgeable of the importance of active lifestyles for students with disabilities, and the use of Paralympic activities to encourage healthy, active choices.

What happens on a BlazeDay?

During a typical BlazeDay, the day is divided into between four and eight sessions. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour with the maximum group size for each session at 80 students.

A session begins with a 10 minute introduction, during with students watch a short video about the Paralympics and are introduced to the different sports they will be taking part in. These sports include:

  • Sitting Volleyball — The Paralympic version of volleyball, all players must be sitting on the floor to play. During BlazeDay, we play with a beach ball to allow younger students to get involved.
  • Boccia — This is a precision game designed for people with limited mobility. Students must throw their ball closest to the target. Boccia can be played in a small space.
  • Goalball — This sport is played by people with visual impairments and is a game of listening skills. Each player wears a blindfold and must score in the opposing team’s goal by rolling a large ball. We adapt this game for small children by playing in a circle on the floor.
  • Wheelchair Relays — Fun and fast, no feet are allowed! Students try out a sports wheelchair, and can then race against their classmates in a relay.

Once the sports are explained, the students are then divided into three or four groups (depending on the total number in the group). Each group is then assigned an activity to start at. Students play each sport for approximately 10 minutes before moving on to the next.

After the groups have tried all of the activities, everyone gathers back in for a short question and answer session about everything and anything related to sports for people with disabilities.

What does a BlazeDay cost? 

Less than 4 hours: $200

More than 4 hours: $300

If you are interested in hosting a BlazeDay at your school or community group please complete the BlazeDay Request Form.

For more information, contact or call (404) 270-2000.

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