Brazil Updates “Sports for All” USAID

July 11, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL

BlazeSports International has returned to Brazil this month to host BlazeSports USAID “Sports For All” programming. This is the final installment of a two-year program seeking to improve the health and quality of life for Brazilians with disabilities.

BlazeSports led a three-day training in Rio de Janeiro July 7 to July 9 at Complexo Esportivo Da Rocinha. In partnership with the Rio de Janeiro Secretary of Persons with Disabilities (SMPD), 23 physical educators were trained and over 110 festival participants were engaged.

The training content focused on reducing stigma of individuals with disabilities, promoting ability of individuals, and encouraging independence of individuals with a disability. A key focus was on engaging parents to build understanding that their children can participate in physical activity.


In addition to local leaders and youth, the initiative hosted in Rio engaged parents of children with disabilities, Paralympians who formerly participated in SMPD programs, partner SMPD, and representatives from the US Consulate, Cultural Affairs and USAID. The initiative also welcomed students and faculty from the University of Tennessee Knoxville VOLeaders Academy.


July 16, 2016 — PALMAS, BRAZIL

BlazeSports International arrived in Palmas July 12 to visit fellow USAID Brazil initiative – Projeto Reviver (aka Project Revive). Over the two-days, BlazeSports led an awareness training to 36 local Projeto Reviver and Sesc leaders.


The training was followed by a mini-festival that offered adapted physical activity and sport stations to 30+ youth with disabilities. The next day, July 13, consisted of site visits to activities offered by Projeto Reviver, including athletics, wheelchair basketball, capoiera, and arts and culture.


Projeto Reviver, a USAID supported initiative, serves over 300 individuals with disabilities directly through sports, educational and cultural activities. Sesc Tocantins is the local project partner that equips and employs community sport coaches.

 **Photos taken by Marcus Mesquita with Total Comunicação e Eventos.

July 19, 2016 — BRASILIA, BRAZIL

BlazeSports hosted a Train-the-Trainer workshop for 22 physical educators at Sesc Ceilândia in Brasilia July 14-16. Participants attended a previous BlazeSports Brazil training in March and returned to focus on strategies to implement their own “Sports For All” leadership trainings in their respective regions.

The first two days focused on theory in support of integrative and inclusive physical activity, as well as practical aspects to enable leaders to adapt activities for various skill levels.


An inclusive festival for the community took place on the third day, designed and implemented by trained leaders and attended by 98 individuals with and without disabilities.


July 25, 2016 — NATAL, BRAZIL

BlazeSports traveled to Natal July 21-24 for the final stop on its multi-city training schedule this month. In partnership with Sesc, the visit consisted of a three-day training workshop and one-day inclusive sports festival. The training engaged 42 physical educators representing local Sesc campuses and currently working with individuals with disabilities.


The community festival was attended by 70 individuals with and without disabilities. Professor Dr. Ulisses de Araújo also gave a guest lecture on Grupo Cetefe – a leading inclusion group in Brazil.

**Photos taken by Moraes Neto from STYLL Produções Fotográficas.