The Jon McCullough Memorial Fund

Jon McCullough photo
The Jon McCullough Memorial Fund was established in August 2014 in memory of  Jon McCullough.  Jon, BlazeSports’ Executive Director, passed away on August 15, 2014.   He was a two-time Paralympian, his first games being Atlanta in 1996, and a passionate advocate for the Paralympic movement and human rights in general.  Jon left BlazeSports and this world far too soon but his legacy will live on in BlazeSports.

Remembering Jon Video

Jon’s Memorial Fund will be used to support the BlazeSports programs that he loved most including soccer and boccia programs,  our Veteran’s Initiative, and BlazeCamp…to name a few.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, click here (for our online donation form) and indicate “Jon McCullough Memorial Fund” in the Comment section.


Heart Beats for Jon

all you give
for everyone

wanting the best
the world to be
a better place

your heart beats for us
your rhythm inspires us

you will live on
bits and pieces
in all of us
we carry you forward

– Eli A. Wolff