Tag, You’re It!


Get a BlazeSports Tag and Win a Prize!

When you renew your tag or get a new one this year…think of BlazeSports…think of creating more opportunities for kids and veterans with disabilities in Georgia to participate in sport and achieve their full potential.  PURCHASE A BLAZESPORTS GEORGIA TAG and BE REWARDED!  See details below.

The goal of the Tag, You’re It! campaign is to increase the number of new BlazeSports Georgia speciality tags purchased by the end of 2015.  50 is our goal!  

Georgia Tag

WHEN:  Anytime…when you get a new tag   or renew an existing tag. (Happy birthday BTW).  Or anytime you want to replace your existing tag.

HOW:  At your local DMV office or online, look for our tag listed under “BlazeSports Georgia” or “Disabled Athletes”

WHO: All Georgia Residents

WHAT:  For every tag purchased, BlazeSports receives $22 out of the every $35 tag purchased, that goes to support our BlazeSports Georgia programs and services.

CONTEST DETAILS: Submit a photo of your tag (and yourself if you want!) along with proof of payment and your name and email to info@blazesports.org, fax 404-270-2039 or via our message on our Facebook page.  Your information will  automatically be entered into our monthly raffle for a chance to win BlazeSports merchandise and other cool prizes.