About the Awards

Triumph of the Human Spirit is a phrase that embodies the sentiment of people doing extraordinary things, succeeding and persevering against all odds.

Triumph of the Human Spirit was adopted as the motto for the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta. These Games, the first held on American soil, were the realization of the dreams of thousands of Americans involved in the growth and promotion of sports for athletes with physical disabilities in the United States. The Games set a precedent by being the first to significantly magnify the abilities of the athletes and demonstrate that having a physical disability is not a barrier to athletic achievement and success in life but rather an opportunity to persevere, overcome and inspire.

As a continuing legacy of the ’96 Games and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Atlanta Paralympic Games, BlazeSports America will host The Triumph of the Human Spirit Awards on Sunday – November 13, 2016.

The BlazeSports Triumph of the Human Spirit Awards honor those who have made a significant impact in Georgia through adaptive sport and recreation.  These awards pay tribute to the individuals, groups and organizations who demonstrate qualities beyond athletic achievement such as leadership, a positive attitude and who inspire, motivate and truly epitomize the Triumph of the Human Spirit.


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