2013 Roosevelt Games


The beautiful facilities at Roosevelt Warm Springs are host to the 2013 Roosevelt Games, a multi-sport Paralympic-style competition for veteran and active duty service personnel with physical disabilities. The event includes competitions in air rifle, sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, archery, bowling, cycling and swimming. Instructional sport clinics were also held in field events, air rifle, cycling and swimming. Competition in each sport will offer both Team and Individual awards. The Team accumulating the most point throughout the week will be awarded the Roosevelt Trophy, a traveling award presented to the best overall Team. Fort Stewart is defending 2012 Champions.

This year’s competition includes more that 80 competitors representing the Warrior Transitions Battalions (WTB) from Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart as well as veterans from the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Team Blaze (a group of Georgia veterans that participate in BlazeSports programs) and a number of other veterans from North Carolina and Florida. The 2013 Roosevelt Games is a cooperative event organized by BlazeSports America at Roosevelt Warm Springs with the support of the U.S. Paralympics, a division of the US Olympic Committee, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Roosevelt’s Little White House State Historic Site, Georgia State Parks and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Two new events were added this year, Air Rifle and Cycling. Air rifle was held at the state-of-the-art shooting facility, the Ole Mill Range Complex in Griffin, GA. Special thanks to Roy McClain and the staff at Ole Mill for a great day.  The staff ran an introductory clinic for the competitors that include a practice round.  After lunch, 16 competitors shot two rounds in the prone position.  Jonathan Moore of Team Blaze took top honors with a score of 181 out of a possible 200.  Fort Stewart won the Team award with a three shooter total of 514 points.


Cycling was held in the beautiful F.D. Roosevelt State Park. Special thanks to Desmond Timmons, Park Manager and Park staff for all their assistance as well as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources State Parks and Historic Sites for allowing us to use such a wonderful section of the park.

Competition was held over a single 3.1 mile (5K) road course.  Reggie Arrington (Fort Benning) took the Bike division with a blistering 3:27 time.  Angel Torrez, also from Fort Benning, topped the Handcycling division with a time of 6:43.  Willie Hughes from Fort Gordon took the Recumbent division with a time of 9:44.


The field of Archery competitors doubled from last year and there was great competition in both the Recurve and Compound Division. A salute to the Archery Learning Center in Snellville, GA for the use of the target stands and target. Matt Redding (Fort Gordon) scored 244 to take top honors in the Recurve Division. Angel Torres (Fort Stewart) won the Compound division with a score of 273 of a possible 300. Fort Stewart won the Recurve Team award with a total of 445 points and the Compound Team award with a total of 772.



Swimming, Bowling, Sitting Volleyball, and Wheelchair Basketball highlights as well as the full results will be posted at the conclusion of the 2013 Roosevelt Games.


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Georgia Blazers Compete at Fred Lamback Disability Swim Meet

 The Aiken-Augusta Swim League hosted the first annual Fred Lamback Disability Swim Meet, October 20-21. The event was held at the Augusta Aquatic Center in Augusta, GA. This was an open meet for all swimmers with any physical or intellectual disability.

Final results:

BlazeSports would like to congratulate the 14 Georgia Blazers on all there great performances at the 2012 Fred Lamback Swim Meet.  Our Blazers record 51-1st places finishes, 20-2nd place and 5-3rd place finishes. If we were to consider age division for our junior swimmers, the results would be 60-1st place and 12-2nd place and 1-3rd place finishes.



female swimmers swimmer
swimmer on starting block Paralympic swimmer and youth swimmer

Congratulations to all our Georgia Blazers for a great swim meet!

For a complete set of results visit the following link:



The Georgia Blazers Swim Team will have 14 swimmers including 2 Paralympians, 2 Military swimmers and 9 other swimmers, 3 of which will be competing in their first ever swim meet.

The event also includes a two day Paralympic Swim Camp on Thursday and Friday, which three Georgia Blazers, Mei Mei White, Trey Davis and Maya Beelner will participate in.

The schedule of the meet and each of the Georgia Blazers is as follows:

Saturday, October 20

Session 1

Warms up: 7:00-8:15 am

Start Time: 8:30 am


#1 Female 100 IM: MeiMei White (8), Nadia Hopkins (15), Rachel Ellis (29),

Lindsay Grogran

#2 Male 100 IM: Trey Davis (14), Sean Concepcion (22), Sergio del Valle (29)

#3 Female 25 Breast: Maya Kahn (11), Vica Beelner (11)

#4 Male 25 Breast: Yan X Babayeuski (12)

#5 Female 50 Free: MeiMei White, Nadia Hopkins, Maya Kahn, Vica Beelne,

Rachel Ellis, Madison Stanley (16), Lindsay Grogran

#6 Male 50 Free: Lantz Lamback (26), Trey Davis, Yan X Babayeuski,

Sean Concepcion, Sergio del Valle

#7 Female 100 Fly: Nadia Hopkins, Rachel Ellis, Lindsay Grogran

#8 Male 100 Fly: Sean Concepcion

#9 Female 150 IM

#10 Male 150 IM

#11 Female 50 Back: MeiMei White, Maya Kahn, Vica Beelner, Madison Stanley

#12 Male 50 Back: Trey Davis, Yan X Babayeuski, Sergio del Valle


Saturday, October 20,

Session 2

Warm-ups: Not before 3:30 pm

Start Time: Not before 4:30 pm


#13 Female 100 Breast: Rachel Ellis, Nadia Hopkins, Lindsay Grogran

#14 Male 100 Breast: Yan X Babayeuski, Sean Concepcion

#15 Female 25 Fly: MeiMei White, Vica Beelner

#16 Male 25 Fly

#17 Female 100 Free: MeiMei White, Nadia Hopkins, Maya Kahn, Vica Beelner,

Rachel Ellis, Madison Stanley, Lindsay Grogran

#18 Male 100 Free: Lantz Lamback, Trey Davis, Yan X Babayeuski, Sean Concepcion, Sergio del Valle

#19 Female 25 Back: Maya Kahn, Vica Beelner, Lindsay Grogran

#20 Male 25 Back: Yan X Babayeuski

#21 Female 200 IM: Rachel Ellis, Nadia Hopkins, MeiMei White

#22 Male 200 IM: Sean Concepcion, Trey Davis


Sunday, October 21

Session 3

Warm-ups: 7:00 am

Start Time: 8:30 am


#23 Female 75 IM (sm1-sm4)

#24 Male 75 IM (sm1-sm4)

#25 Female 100 Back: McKenzie Coan (15), Nadia Hopkins, Maya Kahn, Rachel Ellis, Madison Stanley, Lindsay Grogran

#26 Male 100 Back: Trey Davis, Yan X Babayeuski, Sean Concepcion, Sergio del Valle

#27 Female 50 Fly:  McKenzie Coan, Nadia Hopkins, MeiMei White, Rachel Ellis

#28 Male 50 Fly: Lantz Lamback, Trey Davis, Sean Concepcion, Sergio del Valle

#29 Female 25 Free: MeiMei White, Maya Kahn, Emma Meyers (6)

#30 Male 25 Free

#31 Female 50 Breast: McKenzie Coan, Maya Kahn, Rachel Ellis, Lindsay Grogran

#32 Male 50 Breast: Yan X Babayeuski

#33 Female 200 Free: MeiMei White, Nadia Hopkins, Madison Stanley

#34 Male 200 Free: Trey Davis, Sean Concepcion, Sergio del Valle


Fred Lamback Disability Swim Meet: Fred Lamback is highly respected in the swimming community as a committed and loveable coach. He has made countless contributions to the U.S. Paralympic Military Program, the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) – including serving on the staff at the 2004 Paralympic Games and of course on our very own BlazeSports America team. He is Head Swim Coach and swimming coordinator of the Georgia Blazers, as well as the technical advisor for all the BlazeSports disability swim programs in Georgia.

In 2009, he was named the James (Jimi) Raymond Flowers Disability Committee Coach of the Year which honors “coaches with outstanding inclusion of swimmers with a disability under the nominee’s direct coaching assignment and/or promotion of swimmers with a disability and disability swimming within the nominee’s sphere of influence. Contributions to inclusion may include club, LSC, national, or international examples. This demonstration of inclusion and influence should be evident as part of the nominee’s ongoing coaching philosophy.”

Fred’s dedication to swimmers with disabilities started with his son, Lantz. Lantz has cerebral palsy and had a tough time finding his niche growing up until his father introduced him to swimming. It was a frustrating process at first swimming against abled bodied athletes, but with encouragement from Fred and making the switch to swimming with other athletes with disabilities it was Lantz’s time to shine. Over the years, he has collected his fair share of medals at junior nationals, nationals and the biggest stage of all the Paralympics. At the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Lantz won his first gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke s7 division with a new world record of 1 minute 12.09 seconds. You can bet that Fred was in the stands taking in that proud moment of what his son accomplished that day, in the years past and what’s to come in the future. In London, Lantz took away a gold and bronze medal to bring his total to eight Paralympic Medals – two gold, two silver and four bronze.



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2012 Roosevelt Games Results

Fort Stewart Wins The 2012 Roosevelt Games!

Fort Stewart 2012 Roosevelt Games Champions.


Day 4 of the Roosevelt Games

Friday, April 13 was a day of recreation after three full days of competition.  The day started with an exceptional opportunity arranged Robin Glass of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, specifically the Roosevelt’s Little White Historical Site.  The warriors were given the opportunity to swim in the treatment pools that President Roosevelt had built and which makes Warm Springs, GA, the special place that it is.


Traditionally, the treatment pools are only open to the public twice a year, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Each of those weekends, four groups of 80 people are allowed in the pools each day for a total of around 1000 people twice a year. Reservations are required and people travel from throughout the United States for the privilege of swimming in the Warm Springs Treatment Pools.

After the swim in the treatment pools, the warriors switched their attention to boating activities on the lake at Camp Dream.

The day ended with a trip to Callaway Gardens and an outstanding performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

BlazeSports America would like to thank Reenae White of Roosevelt Warm Springs and all the staff of the Frank C. Ruzycki Center for Therapeutic Recreation for the use of their fantastic facilities and for all their assistance with hosting the Roosevelt Games. Thanks to Robin Glass of the Roosevelt’s Little White Historical Site, for including our group in the FDR Memorial Ceremony on Thursday and for arranging the special opportunity to swim in the Warm Springs Treatment pools.

Special thanks to Greg Schmieg of the Department of Labor, General Larry Ellis and Scott Rigsby representing the Georgia Warrior Alliance for their support of our program. Thanks also to Eagle Sports Chairs for the assistance with our equipment needs, Georgia Beverage Association for providing bottled water and Idealease for the use of a rental truck.

Day 3 started with the participants of the Roosevelt Games attending the 67th Commemorative Ceremony that paid tribute to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Roosevelt Games is a new collaborative event with BlazeSports America, Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, the Georgia State Parks and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that will now be part of the annual events held in Warm Springs each year celebrating the life and accomplishments of FDR.

The Little White House remains as it was 67 years ago when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered a stroke and passed away.

With the preliminaries out of the way, Day 3 of the Roosevelt Games was reserved for Cycling and the championship games in sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball. Only Fort Benning took advantage of the Cycling competition and had four riders, three riders in cycling and one rider in the recumbent class. Alex Aponte won the Gold with a 3 mile time of 10:13.97. Orlando Guzman took the Silver with a time of 10:59.44, while Jennifer Garrett won the Bronze with a time of 12:14.13. William Dawson won the Gold in the Recumbent class with a 3 mile time of 1:02.47.

Alex Aponte wins Gold asFortBenningcaputres the Team Cycling .

William Dawson won the Gold in the Recumbent class with a 3 mile time of 1:02.47.

With two events remaining, the winner of the overall team award will come down to the winner of the Sit Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball championship games. Fort Benningand FortStewart played in both games. Volleyball was up first. In the preliminary rounds, Fort Stewart beat Fort Benningin two straight games. The tables would be turned in the final. Fort Benning won the first game easily 25-16. Fort Stewart made it a game in game 2, but Benning held off the late surge from Stewart to win 25-20 and the Sitting Volleyball Championship.

Action during the sitting volleyball championship match.

A FortBenning player prepares for a serve.

The Wheelchair Basketball final also had Fort Stewart going head-to-head with Fort Benning. In the prelims, Fort Benning had the advantage and an easy 34-13 win. Today’s gamed turned out to be much closer. At the half, Stewart had a one point lead, 14-13, in a fast paced defensive struggle. During the final 20 minutes, Stewart kept the pressure on and pulled out a 30-25 win and the championship. Fort Stewart’s J. Myers led all scorers with 16 points.

J. Myers of Fort Stewart controls the tip and goes on the be high scorer with 16 points to lead Fort Stewart to the wheelchair basketball Championship.

The presentation of the Roosevelt Trophy is based on points scored in five events: Archery, Bowling, Cycling, Sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball. Fort Stewart edged out Fort Benning to win the 2012 Roosevelt Cup. Points scored were:






Total points


Atlanta VA








Fort Benning








Fort Gordon








Fort Stewart








Individual awards were also presented in Archery, Cycling, and Bowling. BlazeSports would like to thank special guests General Larry R .Ellis and Scott Rigsby for their assisting with the Awards presentations.

Special guests General Larry R .Ellis and Scott Rigsby present the Atlanta VA’s Bowling Team with the Gold Medal for Team Bowling.

Final results will be posted here in a few days.


Basketball, Archery and Bowling Highlight Day 2

It was a busy Day 2 at the 2012 Roosevelt Games with competition in wheelchair basketball, archery and bowling. In the preliminaries of wheelchair basketball, Fort Benning’s speed and outside shooters earned them the first spot in Thursday’s championship game with a 34 – 13 win over Fort Stewart. Fort Stewart rebounded off the loss and beat Fort Gordon in a tough defensive game 21-18. J. Myers of Fort Stewart led all scorers with 14 points. It will be Fort Stewart in a rematch against Fort Benning for the wheelchair basketball championship.

Fort Stewart regains a loose ball in a game against Fort Gordon.


Fort Gordon (in red) playing tough defense against a taller and more experience Fort Stewart.

Archery included some outstanding competition in the Individual and Team divisions. Fort Stewart wins bot the Recurve Team award and the Compound Team award. Fort Stewart’s Recurve Team consisted of Donna Pratt (185 points), John Brooks (224 points) and Mike Gaynor (132 points) for a total of 541 points. Fort Benning’s Recurve Team scored 392 points and included William Dawson (190 points), Jennifer Garrett-Grossarth (93 points) and Randall Jones (109 points).

The Recurve individual awards end up as:

1. John Brooks Fort Stewart 224 pts

2. William Dawson Fort Benning 190 pts

3. Donna Pratt Fort Stewart 185 pts.

4. Mike Gaynor Fort Stewart 132 pts

5. Randall Jones Fort Benning 109 pts

6. Jennifer Garrett-Grossarth Fort Benning 93 pts

Mike Gaynor placed 4th overall in the Recurve division, but helped Fort Stewart to a 1st place finish in the Team division.

Although, Fort Stewart was unopposed in the Compound division, Randall Jones won top honors with a score of 264. The results for compound division include:

1. Randall Jones Fort Benning 264 pts

2. Mike Paredes Fort Stewart 258 pts

3. Sandy Mojica Fort Stewart 241 pts

4. James Lamacche Fort Stewart 187 pts.

Special thanks to the Gainesville Archery Club and the Archery Learning Center of Snellville for thier assistance with the archery equipment for this competition.

In the Bowling competition, Team VA from the Atlanta VA surprises the WTU teams and took the Team award with a combined score of 289, The VA Team was led by Roscoe with a score of 121. Fort Gordon captured the Silver with a three player total of 238 and Fort Stewart the Bronze with a team score of 185.


Competition Starts Strong at Roosevelt Games

The beautiful facilities at Roosevelt Warm Springs were host to the 2012 Roosevelt Games, a multi-sport Paralympic-style competition for veteran and active duty service personnel with physical disabilities. The event will include competitions in sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, archery, bowling and cycling, as well as clinics in track and field and swimming. Each sport will have both Team and Individual awards. The Team accumulating the most point through the week will be awarded the Roosevelt Cup, a traveling award presented to the best overall Team.

Day 1 at the 2012 Roosevelt Games opened with stiff competition in sitting volleyball.  The preliminary matches would decide which two of the three teams would meet in the championship game on Thursday. Fort Benning started the tournament against Fort Gordon and had a see-saw battle and ended up winning the first two games 25-18, 25-18 to win the match. Fort Benning then faced Fort Stewart which proved to be a stronger opponent.  Fort Stewart won the match in two games, 25-20 and 25-17.

Fort Stewart advances to Championship game in sitting volleyball with wins over Fort Benning and Fort Gordon

In the final preliminary match Fort Stewart faced Fort Gordon.  Fort Stewart used the momentum from their earlier win to cruise to a comfortable two game win, 25-14 and 25-17.  With a 2-0 record in the preliminary round Fort Stewart earns on of the spots in Thursday’s championship game.  The 1-1 Fort Benning will meet Fort Stewart for the sitting volleyball price.

Fort Stewart and Fort Gordon players after their prelim match

Action also happened off the volleyball court with more than 20 veterans and warriors taking part in the first of several field event clinics. Discus was the event of the day and J. Myers of Fort Stewart led the way on the ambulatory men’s side with a throw of 24.43, followed closely by J. Williams of Fort Benning who had a throw of 23.26. L. Godfrey of Fort Stewart led the women with a throw of 16.98, while J. Swafford of the Atlanta VA had the honors in the wheelchair division with a toss of 11.32.

C. Ingrim representing Fort Stewart gets advice before his discus throw.

Day 1 also included practice sessions for Wednesday competition. Fort Stewart took advantage of the evening open gym program to get some wheelchair basketball practice in.  Fort Stewart will play Fort Benning twice, once on Wednesday and again for the championship on Thursday.

Fort Stewart takes advantage of the gym time at Roosevelt Warm Springs.

Basketball was not the only practice going on Tuesday evening. Across the hall in the beautiful six lane bowling alley, folks warmed up for Wednesday’s bowling competition, which will include both Team and Individual Division.

Darrell Fisher, Airforce veteran from South Carolina tries to find the right line before Wednesday competition.

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