Dimitry’s Thoughts on the UN Youth Leadership Camp

Meanwhile at the UN Youth Leadership Camp in Bradenton, FL, Maggie and Dimitry have been learning how to use sport as a tool for development and peace. Maggie spoke earlier about her experience in the BlazeBlog regarding the camp. Like Maggie, Dimitry has reflected and benefitted from this experience.

I am currently at the IMG Academy, a special camp for young leaders. I am representing Haiti as an Ambassador. I am having fun, as well as, learning a lot of new things. I think that everyone should know about the power of Sport! I have come to the realization that the best language to use to communicate to the kids all over the world is Sport. Sport is the best tool that we suppose to use to fight against hunger, discrimination, gender inequality, insecurity and poverty. We need to use sport to bring people together and show them that they all have their place in our society. One thing I have learned is that, when you have knowledge and you keep it for yourself; you do not know anything at all. Knowledge is to be shared. When I go back to Haiti, I will make sure that I can meet with the leaders to share my experience. It is important that we get involved in the Sport for development program. I will make myself more available to work with disable people. I will make sure that they know that they belong in sport activities.  

I want to share this sentence with you: If you want to see a change in the world, you have to change first.

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BlazeCamp Day 4 – Camper Spotlight

写真 (1)

As camp is winding down, the fun and energy seem like it’s never going to stop. Today’s camper of the day is Malachi! Malachi is one of the new faces at BlazeCamp this year and he’s already looking forward to coming again next summer.

My favorite sport to play is basketball! I am really glad I decided to come to camp this week because it has allowed me to meet new friends and play a lot of different kind of games. I loved playing under the pavilion with my new friends. Even though basketball is my favorite, I was really excited to try new sports. Today I went canoeing for the first time. It was my favorite activity at camp! I would love to join Blaze throughout the summer to participate in the water sport days!

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BlazeCamp Day 3 – Camper Spotlight

Blaze - Sam

It’s the third day of camp and everyone is having such a blast! Can’t believe it’s almost over. Today, Samantha, is our camper of the day!

My favorite activity so far at BlazeCamp is archery. I enjoy being outside a lot, so I find myself exploring the outdoors and rock climbing. Most people think rock climbing is difficult, but I think it is super easy. I have also enjoyed making new friends. I was nervous about coming to camp, since it is my first time, but so far I have had so much fun. I can’t stop thinking about coming next year. While being here, I have also tried activities like track and field. I can’t wait to get a track chair of my own. All in all, I have enjoyed being here and helping those around me. I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow!

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BlazeCamp Day 2 – Camper Spotlight

It is Day 2 of BlazeCamp and so much has already happened. It’s awesome to see all of the campers enjoying their time and making new friends. Today’s camper of the day is Thomas!

This is my fifth year attending BlazeCamp. I have really enjoyed meeting new people each year. I look forward to coming back and seeing the friends I have made from previous camps. To fellow campers, I am known as T-Dawg. This year I get the pleasure of being a junior counselor. I get the chance to help with the younger campers and share my past experiences with them. BlazeCamp gives me the skills and experience that helps me in school and everyday life. I believe that the camp gives a great opportunity to individuals like me, to grow. I love to bring fun and personality to camp every year. I am really enjoying camp so far and look forward to the rest of the week. 

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Maggie Speaks About UN Youth Leadership Camp

Maggie Frederick is currently participating in the UN Youth Leadership Camp in Bradenton, FL where she will be learning how to use sport as a tool for development and peace. Maggie is former athlete of BlazeSports, serving as an excellent role model and leader. She continues to represent Blaze and grow into an outstanding individual. Here is a reflection from the first, two days at the UN Youth Leadership Camp.

 I was really nervous before arriving because I was not sure what to expect of the time spent here. But as soon as I arrived, I realized I would be learning so much; not only from the instructors but the people also attending the camp. There are 34 participants representing 20 countries. I really love interacting with other cultures and languages, and this definitely gives me the opportunity to learn more.

The first day consisted of introductions, along with a welcoming dinner. Before the welcome dinner I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of BlazeSports and why I am here. I am here because sports have done so much for me that I want gain as much information and tools to bring home so that I can encourage others to participate in sport. Everyone here has the same goal: to continue to grow sport in our communities.

What stood out for me is the different types of organizations the other attendees work with. There are a lot of people who work with underprivileged children. Although I have never had the personal experience of working with that group I want to learn as much as I can from these people because I find it very interesting.

On the second day, we learned about the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). It was really interesting when we got to participate in some sports because it was designed almost like our BlazeDays. I was able to demonstrate wheelchair basketball. I showed the group how to push, turn, dribble, and pick the ball up using your wheel. Then we split up into groups. I stayed and led the basketball station. After the session, everyone kept telling me thank you and how much fun they had. It was a really great feeling to know that I was apart of something they learned, and we are only on the second day.

 This first two days of learning has really made me excited for more!

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BlazeCamp Day 1 – Camper Spotlight

Camper: Michael Kitchens

Michael K 

Michael is one of BlazeSports’ wheelchair basketball athletes. He is eleven years old and has never been to camp. When asked if he was nervous to come to camp, he said, “NO! Because I knew lots of people would be here!”. Michael is energetic, playful, and likes to play games. Michael is excited to meet lots of people and fish! He is thrilled to be at camp!

Check out our Day 1 Highlight Video

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BlazeBlog Kick-Off

As summer kicks off, a new and improved BlazeBlog begins!

BlazeSports has been growing in Georgia as well as nationally and globally. Our athletes, staff, and volunteers have gained unique experiences. Since summer is a busy time at Blaze with many exciting programs and events, BlazeSports wants to personally show you what is going on in the Blaze family.

The NEW and INSPIRING BlazeBlog will address personal stories, testimonials, pictures, videos, and many other things posted by our constituents and Blaze staff.

BlazeSports will be hosting its annual Summer BlazeCamp in Warm Springs, GA this week. BlazeCamp is a five day and four night camp filled with various adapted sports and recreation, and lots of fun! Campers will get the opportunity to make life long friendships. Most of the Camp Counselors are former campers themselves taking on new leadership roles.  The BlazeBlog will feature stories from individual campers and counselors.

BlazeSports International is continuing to empower people with disabilities worldwide through sport. We will be participating in the UN Youth Leadership Camp 2014, hosted by the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace, on June 8, where our own Felipe Rodrigues will be speaking about our international projects alongside organizations such as Right To Play. He will be raising awareness of all attendees about BlazeSports’ various programs, specifically our Haiti project. The BlazeBlog will feature reflections from our student participants, Maggie and Dimitry, in the leadership camp.

Stay tuned in to read more about events, personal stories, and reflections!

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