BlazeSports Swimmer Competes For Gold


Today, the BlazeBlog would like to highlight BlazeSports swimmer Maya Kahn. She has recently competed in two big events. Maya would like to share her experiences, while she continues to win gold!

On June 18-20 I competed in the Jimi Flowers Classic meet in Colorado Springs, CO.  The meet is named after a Paralympic coach who died in a climbing accident.  I was excited to meet the top Paralympic swimmers!  I’ve swam in the same meets with Paralympians a number of times now, but swimming with Jessica Long is always especially exciting.

The Jimi Flowers meet is held every year at the Olympic Training Center (OTC).  It was my first time seeing the OTC, and I’ve always wanted to be a resident athlete there one day.  My friend Lindsay, a former Blazer, is in residence there, meaning she is in training for a spot on the Paralympic swim team.  Lindsay was so kind to give me a personal tour of the OTC, showing me many of the training facilities for a number of different sports, and even showing me her dorm room.  After seeing the OTC, I am even more committed to my training so that someday I may be a resident athlete at the OTC also.

Training at the OTC is tough, and even more so by the fact it is located at high altitude.  Coming to Colorado Springs just the day before competition I didn’t have opportunity to acclimate, and it showed in my times.  Swimming at the high altitude felt like every stroke was a chore.  But I understand now why athletes train at high altitudes to make their bodies stronger.

Luckily my next meet was at sea level.  Soon after Jimi Flowers I traveled to San Diego for the annual Little People of America convention and the Dwarf Athletic Association of America National Games.  It was really fun swimming with my little people friends, some of which are in Paralympic training also.  Even Danielle Kisser, a World Champion from Canada, was there.  I was proud to get a gold in every event I entered (50 back, 50 free and 50 breast).  I also had fun doing two relays, which included swimming with a wet T-shirt and then having to flip it over the next person’s head from yourself as quickly as you can.  Medals were not awarded for the relays, but they were fun to do anyways!

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