BlazeSports Celebrates the First International Day of Sport For Development and Peace in Haiti and Jordan

For the first time, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) was celebrated on April 6th 2014. This important day has received worldwide support and BlazeSports could not be left out! To commemorate this date, BlazeSports with its partners in Haiti and in Jordan, organized an inclusive festival in both countries. 

Sit Volleyball in Haiti

Sit Volleyball in Haiti

In Haiti the festivities took place in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Civic Engagement’s Sports Centre Dadadou, in Port-Au-Prince. 200 children and youth from 8 to 17 years of age, with various disabilities (physical, developmental, mental and emotional) and 50 kids from the Haiti Ministry of Sport School of Talent played together in celebration of the power of sport. The activities included a mix of traditional sports such as soccer, sit volleyball, athletics and boccia with recreational games. The event was organized by the Foudation Gerárd Pierre-Charles with support from BlazeSports and the United Nations Office on Sport For Development and Peace (UNOSDP). 

“That was a fruitful moment that we have spent with about 250 kids with and without disabilities playing together. It was a great experience for me.” Said Dimitry Supreme, a volunteer with the Foudation Gérard Pierre-Charles that will represent Haiti in June at the UN Youth Leadership Camp in Florida. 


Festival Participants in Zarqa, Jordan


Meanwhile in Jordan, over 100 children and youth with and without disabilities had the chance to celebrate the IDSDP by participating in a soccer festival. With the support from the Jordan Football Association (JFA), the city of Zarqa played host to the celebration that was highlighted with the Jordanian Paralympic soccer National Team playing an exhibition match. 

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