2014 Southeast Regional Wheelchair Basketball Championships

For the third year in a row, BlazeSports America plays host to the top Junior wheelchair basketball teams in the southeast. The 2014 Southest Regional Wheelchair Basketball Championships will be held at the All Tournament Players Park, 3910 Canton Road, Marietta, GA. Competing teams include:

  • Atlanta Junior Wheelchair Hawks: Prep and Varsity                                              
  • Bridge II Sports Jr. Thunder (NC): Varsity                                                                
  • Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats (NC): Prep
  •  Huntingdon College DSPN Red Wings (AL): Varsity
  • Lakeshore Foundation (AL): Prep and Varsity                                                      
  • Mississippi Wheel Cats (MS): Prep                                                                         
  • Music City Thunder (TN): Varsity


The two day tournament will include 21 games. Local points of interests for the host team include:

  • A 25 game winning streak for the Hawks’ Prep Team that dates back to the 2012 season. The Prep squad is the current 2-time National Champions and the #1 ranked Prep team in the country.


  • This will be last home tournament for senior forward Bryan Powell (#25) of Marietta.  Bryan has played for BlazeSports for 8 seasons and plans to play in college starting in the fall of 2014.


The tournament schedule is:


Saturday, March 8


Varsity                                                             Prep


8:30            Lakeshore vs. Jr. Thunder       8:30             Mississippi vs. Atlanta

10:00          Red Wings vs. Atlanta             10:00            Charlotte vs. Lakeshore

11:30          Music City vs. Jr. Thunder      11:30            Mississippi vs. Lakeshore

1:00            Atlanta vs. Lakeshore                1:00            Lunch

2:30           Red Wings vs. Jr. Thunder        2:30            Atlanta vs. Charlotte

4:00           Atlanta vs. Music City                4:00            Lakeshore vs. Atlanta

5:30           Red Wings vs. Lakeshore           5:30            Mississippi vs. Charlotte


Sunday, March 9


Varsity                                                                 Prep


8:30             Music City vs. Lakeshore             8:30            Mississippi vs. Atlanta

10:00          Atlanta vs. Jr. Thunder            10:00              Lakeshore vs. Charlotte

11:30           Red Wings vs. Music City         11:30              3rd/4th Place Game

1:00            Championship Game                   1:00              Championship Game


Follow the game by game results on Twitter and Facebook as well as daily tournament wrap ups on our website.

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