Jan 2014 Athlete Spotlight on…Cathryn Gray

January 2014 Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Cathryn Gray

Starting this year, BlazeSports would like to spotlight one of our athletes each month. To start out the year we have selected Cathryn Gray.

Cathryn Gray, a 7th grader in Alpaharetta, GA, took up climbing only a few months ago as part of the Blazing New Trails Climbing program, a partnership between BlazeSports and Catalyst Sports. In that time she has found a sport she not only loves, but that she excels at. Cathryn, who has cerebral palsy, took to climbing instantly and found that she enjoyed not just the energetic nature of the sport but also the fact that she needs to plan, problem solve, be a team member, overcome her fears, persevere and strive to reach her goals.

“Rock climbing is challenging but not impossible. I’m exercising my brain, as well as my arms and legs”

It is this perseverance and ‘can do’ attitude that makes Cathryn an excellent choice for our Athlete Spotlight.

From the first time Cathryn was introduced to climbing at the Stone Summit Climbing Center in Atlanta, she was encouraged to set goals for what she wanted to achieve. At first it was to make it to the top of the smaller wall, then the bigger one, then to master the overhang and with each goal Cathryn set for herself, she embarked on achieving it with a remarkable determination, and always with a smile on her face.

Since this initial introduction Cathryn now climbs regularly with the Catalyst Sports group who practice on Thursday evenings at the Stone Summit. In addition, she is taking part in the 2nd phase of the Blazing New Trails Program in January 2014. The best part of all is that Cathryn now considers herself a “Rock Climber”, which according to Cathryn’s mom “other kids think is really cool!”.

Congratulations to Cathryn on being our Spotlight Athlete. Keep Reaching for the Stars and Blazing New Trails for yourself!

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