2014 NJDC

Georgia Blazers Shine in Track and Field

Building on the success of the Blazers in the first three days of NJDC our track athletes took the field Wednesday.  The weather was sunny and perfect for a morning of racing.  Collin Lancaster set personal bests in his two races, beating his 100m time by two seconds and his 800m time by three seconds.  Bryan Powell won gold and set a national record in the 100m.

Bryan Powell – 100m: 26.60

Collin Lancaster – 100m: 23.48, 800m: 3.31.7

Curran Brown – 100m: 24.52

 In the afternoon, attention turned to field events where Blazers continued to set more national records.  Curran set national records for discus, shot, and javelin.  Bryan added to his record in the 100m with another in the discus as well as gold in shot and javelin. Collin completed the perfect gold streak for team Blaze in field events earning gold in discus, shot, and javelin.

Bryan Powell – Shot: 5.50m, Discus: 10.96m, Javelin: 12.06m

Collin Lancaster – Shot: 3.71m, Discus: 8.40m, Javelin: 11.05m

Curran Brown – Shot: 5.86m, Discus: 14.25m, Javelin: 11.34m  

Jaque Billingsley led off day two of track and field winning gold in both shot put and discus.  Jaque had the longest distances of any athlete across all the ambulatory classes in the meet.  His throws also set new national records in each event.  Our wheelchair racers competed in the 200m and 400m in the afternoon.  Curran finished third in her class for the 200m, Collin finished fifth in both 200m and 400m, and Bryan finished first in both 200m and 400m. 

Jaque Billingsley – Shot: 11.76m, Discus: 43.38m

Collin Lancaster – 200m: 50.39, 400m: 1.36.66

Bryan Powell – 200m: 49.41, 400m: 1.43.33

Curran Brown – 200m: 51.11

During the track and field competition our Blazers won 15 gold medals and broke 8 personal bests. Congratulations to Bryan, Collin, Curran, and Jaque for a great showing in track and field this year at NJDC.

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