Exclusive Video: BlazeSports’s Jordan Legacy

BlazeSports’ USAID funding for its sport for development project in Jordan came to an end in August this year, but the development work undertaken during the past 2 years continues to produce lasting results. During the project period BlazeSports trained over 200 volunteers, delivered programs for over 2,200 participants and worked in partnership with 13 in country agencies to ensure that a post project legacy was left in place.

This post project legacy and partnership work was demonstrated recently when The Jordanian Football Association (JFA) hosted an inclusive festival attended by over 200 boys and girls in the City of Zarqa.  Furthermore we are proud to report that the festival was organized by Mr Taha Ziadeh, who had completed BlazeSports training programs and held an in-country leadership position during our project. Due to Mr Ziadeh’s delivering, during the 2 year funding period, successful events on behalf of BlazeSports, he has now been subsequently offered a position on staff at JFA. His new remit is to focus organizing soccer opportunities for people with disabilities across Jordan.Inside Jordan

Further to the successes found within soccer, other sports such as Boccia and Field Athletics continue to grow within Paralympic Club networks which, thanks partly to training provided by BlazeSports, are seen to be flourishing in Jordan. Feeding this club system are pupils from schools that have undertaken our Adaptive Physical Education workshops. However the job is far from over and there is much to do to improve sports opportunities and  ultimately the quality of life for persons with a disability in Jordan, but gradually improvements are beginning to become visible.

To celebrate the sustained success and progress of our sport for development project in Jordan, BlazeSports is releasing this video that highlight our work in the Jordan. The video features footage across a number of sport and social development area from disability and women’s’ rights to Syrian refugee and youth leadership empowerment. 

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