BlazeSports is Heading Back to Haiti

Institut Monfort 041

BlazeSports will be back in Haiti from October 10th to 17th  as part of the Disability Sport Project in Haiti funded by the UN Offices on Sport for Development and Peace. This project has served over 2000 Haitians with disabilities since its establishment in October 2011. 

During a week long trip, BlazeSports will deliver an amputee soccer workshop, host an amputee soccer tournament, deliver a mini disability sport festival at a partner school, and will partner with the Haitian Paralympic Committee in hosting a National Disability Sport Festival for over 500 Haitians with disabilities.

In addition to these activities, BlazeSports will be reuniting with the 18 alumni of the SportUnited cultural exchange that took place in Atlanta this past May. The 6 emerging leaders who were a part of the SportUnited funded project will be engaged in the BlazeSports’ activities in October. While the 12 kids and youth that travelled to Atlanta will take part in the National Disability Festival. 

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