The 2013 Boccia America’s Cup

TEAM USA Bounces Back from Classification Disappointments

Team USA who submitted 4 classification protests on Friday was pleased to learn that 2 of th 4 protests were granted on Saturday which allowed Chris Viau (IL) to play in the BC1 division and Charles Brown (FL) to play in the BC4 division. Rookie player, Robert Thomas, US Army veteran was determined to be ineligible for Paralympic Boccia due to having too much arm function. Robert and several other players who were “classed out” will be allowed to play in a special division. Robert will still be eligible for Boccia competition at the National Veteran Wheelchair Games in a new division that will be offered by BlazeSports in 2014 in an effort to offer the game of Boccia to more people.

Lizzie Flora-Swick also had to deal with the inconsistency of international classification.  In 2011, Team USA entered Lizzie in her first international competition at the Para Pan Am Games as a BC2.  She went through classification at that time and was re-classed to a BC1. Lizzie played the entire tournament, finished  11th and is currently ranked  59th in the world for the BC1 division.  A classification review is required of all second-time international players. During Lizzie’s review it was determine she was on the border line between being a BC1 and a BC2. This presented an immediate problem since Team USA already had 3 BC2’s entered in the competition.  Lizzie will be allowed to compete in Individual play and will be reviewed during competition.  If it is determined she should be a BC2, she forfeits all her games and plays as a BC2 in her next international competition.  If it is determine she is a BC1, her games will count and she will have a chance to play for medals.

Competition Schedule

Sunday, August 4 – Competition Day 1

11:00 am              BC4 Pairs:            USA vs Brazil

2:00 pm                BC3 Pairs:            USA vs Brazil

                               Team BC1/BC2  USA vs Canada

                               BC4 Pairs              USA vs Canada

5:00 pm                BC4 Pairs              USA vs Chile

                                Team BC1/BC2  USA vs Argentina

                                BC3 Pairs:            USA vs Canada


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