The 2013 Boccia America’s Cup

Monday, August 5 –Day 2 of Competition

The final day of Pairs and Team play finds Team USA BC3 Pairs and the BC1/BC2 Team in contention for  medals.  BC3 Pairs had the first and last games of the day, while the BC1/BC2 Team had four consecutive games before they could determine if they would be on the medal stand.

BC3 Pairs

Team USA BC3 Pairs started Day 2 tied for second with Colombia and Brazil, all three teams had 1 win and 1 loss. Team Canada was 3-0 and Argentina finished Day 1 with a record of 0-3. Team USA’s BC3 Pairs were made up of Austin Hanson (KS), Charles Fleisch (NY) and Fawad Zakai (GA). Their first match was with 0-3 Argentina. Team USA got off to a slow but steady start scoring one point in the first and second ends to lead 2-0 at the midway point. Argentina was not ready to lose for a fourth straight time and tied the game in the third 2-2. The balls did not roll the US way and Argentina prevented themselves from going winless with a 3-2 upset win over Team USA.


The loss to Argentina was a bump in the road for Team USA but they were still in a position to medal with a win over Colombia. In a must win game, Team USA could not get on track. Colombia opened a 7-0 lead at the mid way point. Team USA’s attempt on a come from behind victory fell short as Colombia won 8-2.

BC3 Pairs Final Results 

BC4 Pairs

The BC4 Pairs team experienced one disappointment after another.  Rookie player Robert Thomas was determined ineligible to compete because of having too much muscle strength. The Pair of Charles Brown and Denise DeMello, who are training partners played well on Day 1 but did not win.  They opened Day 2 with a strong win over Colombia 5-1.  In their second game against Mexico they got off to a slow start allowing Mexico to score 3 points in the first end. Charles Brown played an exceptional second end scoring with all three of his balls to tie the score 3-3. Mexico scored one in the 3rd and 4th end to win 5-3. 

At this point in the tournament Denise DeMello was told she was under classification review and asked to report for a third classification panel. Following that session, Team USA BC4 Pairs played their last game of the tournament against Argentina.  Team USA opened with a point in the first end, but made a major mistake in the second which allowed Argentina to score 4 points, making it 4-1 at the mid way point.  Team USA battled back in the third and score 2 points to narrow the lead to 4-3.  The final end did not go in favor of the USA and Argentina won 5-3.  Following the game Denise was taken into a fourth classification panel. After considerable deliberation the Classification Committee conclude Denise was ineligible for competition and Team USA’s results for the past two days were erased.


Team Division

In the Team Division, Team USA began the day with a 1-1 record and a good chance to medal.  The day did not start well against top ranked Brazil.  Team USA stayed close through the 4th end trailing only by 1, 5-4. Brazil took control in the last two ends and cruised to a 9-4 victory.  Team USA’s sluggishness continued into their next game against South Africa. South Africa scored single points in the first three ends to lead 3-0 at the midway point.  Team USA came to life and scored one in the fourth and capitalized on a jack ball error by South Africa in the fifth and tied the game 3-3 with one end to go.  Team USA played long ball in the final end and won 6-3 to move one step closer to a possible medal.

Team USA faced Mexico in their third match of the day and had good momentum coming off their win over South Africa.  Team USA scored in 4 of 6 ends to beat Mexico 6-4. In their final game team USA was matched against Colombia and once again carried good momentum into a new game. Colombia lost jack ball privileges 2 of the 3 turns and Team USA jumped on the mistakes scoring points in each of the first four ends to lead 5-0. Colombia score single points in a failed comeback attempt asTeam USA won 3of 4 on Day 2, 4 of 6 in the tournament and positioned themselves very well for a possible medal.

As it turned out a 4-2 record did earn a team a medal but for not Team USA. Both Argentina and Canada finished with identical 4-2 records. In all cases of a tie, the point differential (the difference of points scored by a team and points allowed by a team) determines the winner. Both Argentina and Canada had better point differentials than Team USA who finished fourth.

Team BC1-BC2 America Cup Final Results                                                                       

Tuesday, August 6       Day 3 Matches

Individual Play begins on Tuesday and Team USA has 20 matches beginning at 10:00 an ending with the 7:00 pm game.


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