The 2013 Boccia America’s Cup

Tuesday, August 6 –Day 3 of Competition

Individual Play began on Day 3 and Team USA had 20 matches beginning at 10:00 an ending at 7:00 pm. Team USA had a few standouts, while rookie players were matched against experienced world ranked opponents and took a few games on the chin.

BC1 Division

Often in Pool Play, teammates are assigned to the same pool and have to compete against each other.  Cornelius Oatis (OH) and Elizabeth Flora-Swick started their individual play against each other.  Lizzie played well in the first end after throwing the jack out bounds and losing the jack advantage. She took the early 1-0 lead. The score was tied 3-3 in the third and Cornelius scored a single point to win 4-3.


Team USA BC1 & BC2 Team

In her second game, Lizzie was matched against Raquel Cerqueira of Brazil. Her second game was a carbon copy of her first with only one and two points earned each end. Raquel scored 1 point in the first and Lizzie countered with 2 in the second to lead 2-1.  They played even in the third, each scoring a point for having one ball touching the jack. Lizzie led 3-2 after three. Raquel scored on her very last throw to win 4-3. Lizzie ends up 0-2 for the day after playing very well.

Chris Viau (IL) playing his very first international match met Mauricio Javier of Argentina , #15 in the world. Chris played close in the first three ends only allowing 4 points. He miss-played the fourth end and the experienced Argentinean scored 6 points to win 10-0. Chris’ second match of the day was against Eduardo Sanchez of Mexico. Chris was simply not in sync for this game and lost 20-0 to end up 0-2 for the day.  

Cornelius Oatis (OH) was matched against Jose Oliveria of Brazil. Jose scored 2 points in the first and Cornelius 1 in the second for a 2-1 score after two ends.  Jose scored 1 in the third to extend his lead to 3-1. Cornelius scored in the fourth but got only 1 point and lost 3-2.

Team USA’s BC1 players finished the day with 1 win and five losses. Cornelius Oatis heads into Day 4 with a 1-1 record with a chance to move on to the medal round. Both Lizzie Flora-Swick and Chris Viau will be working towards their first international win.

BC2 Division

AB Anwar (CA) Vs. Rafael DeJesus (NY) was the second USA match up in pool play.  AB started strong with points in the first three ends to lead 4-0 after three.  Rafael caught fire late and scored 2 in the fourth to fall short.  AB wins 4-2.

Rafael DeJesus had to try to rebound off a first round loss to his teammate in a game against Maciel Santos, the #1 BC2 player in the world and the 2012 Paralympic Gold medalist.   Rafael had a tough start with Maciel scoring 5 in the first and one in the second to lead at the midway point 6-0. Rafael was able to tighten up his play a little but lost 10-0 to go 0-2 in pool play.  Rafael was the only Team USA player to that drew three games on Day 3. His last match was against Matais Soto of Chili.

Marck Harrison, Team USA’s third BC2 started individual play against unranked Luis Campos of Mexico. The match was tied 1-1 after the second end. Marck used the opportunity to play long in the third and scored 4 points.  Compos scored 1 in the fourth, Harrison won 5-2.

AB Anwar had to wait until the 7:00 pm time slot to play his second game. He was match against Maciel Santos who previously beat USA teammate Rafael DeJesus, 10-0.  The match did not start well for AB. Maciel played a sideline jack and set AB up to throw all his balls, then Maciel knocked the jack out of bounds, the jack was moved to the cross and Maciel scores 3 easy points.  Maciel continued his shut out and repeated his 10-0 score from earlier in the day. AB Awar splits a pair and is 1-1 for the day.

Team USA’s BC2 players finished the day with 2 win and 3losses. Marck Harrison heads into Day 4 with a 1-0 record.  AB Anwar is 1-1 and Rafael DeJesus 1-2 will both need to battle hard on Wednesday to move forward in the tournament.

BC3 Division

The three BC3 players drew the 11:00 time slot.  Austin Hanson (KS) faced Maria Elisa of Chili. Austin is ranked 23 in the world, where as Maria is unranked playing in her first international tournament. Austin showed his 20 years experience and rolled to a 16-0 win.  The tables were turned on Fawad Zakai (GA) and Howard Cohen (NY) both in their first international tournament and both unranked playing experienced rank players in game 1. Fawad played Maria Belen from Argentina  (#35 in the world) and had a difficult time covering the jack ball, losing 14-0. Howie played Julia Elena Rebolledo also from Argentina (#81 in the world) and did well through the third end when he tied the score 2-2. Rebollendo took the jack long in the fourth and Howie could not cover.  Julia won 6-2.

All three BC3 players played their second game during the 3:30 time slot. Austin Hanson played unranked Felipe Rivera of Colombia. Austin had to recovered from a 1-0 first end score and did so in great fashion scoring 5 points in the second, 1 in the third and finished with 3 in the fourth to win 9-1.  Fawad Zakia faced #59 ranked Angie Cardozo of Colombia in his second game. Fawad spent a few hours on the practice courts after his disappointing first game. The extra practice paid off.  Fawad played much better and took control of the match by scoring 2 points in the first and second ends.  Cardozo scored 1 point in the third and Fawad returned the favor in the fourth to win 5-1.  Howie Cohen scored a tough double having to play Paul Gauthier of Canada in his second game.  Ranked 20th in the world, Gauthier played a flawless game, winning easily 9-0.

Team USA  BC3’s ended  Day 3 of competition with 3 wins and 3 losses.  Austin is in the best position to move to the medal round with 2 wins, where Fawad  (1-1) needs to play well on Wednesday to have a chance to move forward. Howie with 2 losses will work on winning his first international match.

BC4 Division

Charles Brown (FL) Team USA’s only remaining BC4 and currently ranked #60 in the world met Marco Dispaltro of Canada (#7 in the world) in his first round game.  Charlie jumped all over the first end scoring 4 points. Marco came back in the second to score 2. They played to a 1-1 tie in the third end to give Charlie the 5-3 advantage.  Marco played a very strong fourth end and tied the game forcing overtime.  In OT the jack ball is place on the cross. The advantage changed in OT 10 different times leaving Charlie with two final attempts to win. He had two good throws that were inches of its target. Marco wins the 5-5 tie.

Charles Brown vs. Canadian Marco Disaltro in BC4 competition

Charles Brown vs. Canadian Marco Disaltro in BC4 competition

Charlie’s second game was against unranked Ivanildo Souza of Brazil. Souza play long ball in the first end and scored 2 points. Souza picked up another point in the second and third end to lead 4-0 after three. Charlie tried for the comeback in the fourth but fell short scoring only 2 points. Souza wins 4-2 and Charlie ends the day 0-1-1.

Division 5

Event organizers added an additional division for the players who were found ineligible for the BC4 division. Two of the three players affected were from the United States.  In the first round robin game Robert Thomas (OH) played Jamal Bean from Bermuda.  Robert scored first and Jamal countered and after three it was a 2-2 tie.  The fourth end changed advantage several times and Jamal pulled out a 3-2 victory.

Denise DeMello, who was classed out after the BC4 Pairs competition played Jamal in the 7:00 pm time slot. Denise had waited all day and was prepared. She started strong scoring 2 points in the first and the second end to lead 4-0 at the midway point. Denise added 4 more to win easily 8-0. Denise and Robert will play on Wednesday and the top two will play for the championship in the unofficial BC5 division.

Wednesday, August 6 –Day 4 of Competition

Day 4 of competition will include the final rounds of individual pool play to determine the 32 players (8 per division x 4 divisions). Team USA will have 17 final round matches.


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