The 2013 Boccia America’s Cup

Wednesday, August 7 –Day 4 of Competition

Hanson and Oatis
Advance to Quarter Finals

Individual Play continued on Day 4 and Team USA had 17 matches with hopes of qualifying a number of players for the quarter finals on Thursday, August 8.

BC1 Division

Elizabeth Flora-Swick (KS) started the day 0-2 and was looking for her first win of the tournament. Her opponent in the third round was Jose Oliveira of Brazil who started the day with a 2-1 record.  Lizzie fell behind early and it was 4-0 after two ends.  The drought continued and the Brazilian won 9-1. In her final match of pool play Lizzie faced Jose Bermeo of Columbia. Lizzie started well scoring 2 points in the first and 1 in the second to lead 3-0. Bermeo reversed that scoring by picking up 1 point in the third and 2 points in the fourth to tie the game and force overtime.  With the jack on the cross, the OT round was close but Bermeo pulled out the 1 point advantage to win. Lizzie finished 0-4 but played much better than the score indicated. Lizzie was also under classification review during the tournament and was finally officially classified as a BC1.

Chris Viau (IL) started the day 0-2 and played his final match against Jodash Maistry of South Africa. Chris did not start well, giving up 5 points on his jack in the first end and 2 points in the second.  Things did not get any better. Maistry swept Chris in the next two ends to win 17-0.

Cornelius Oatis (OH) went 1-1 in yesterday’s play and needed to have two solid performances today to move on to the medal round. In his first game against Raquel Cerqueira of Brazil he played to a 1-1 tie after two ends. In the third he played his jack long and took advantage of Raquel’s lack of a long game as Cornelius scored 4 points to lead 5-1 after three.  He added one for good measure in the fourth to win 6-1. It would come down to his final game to determine if he would advance to the finals.  His opponent, Jose Bermeo of Colombia had taken Lizzie Flora-Swick to overtime.  Bermeo took the jack long out of Cornelius’ range in the first end and scored 2 points. Bermeo also scored 1 point in the second to lead 3-0. Cornelius turned the tide in the third end by scoring 1 point off Bermeo’s jack.  He needed a big comeback in the fourth to advance to the quarter finals and he got it. Cornelius scored 3 points in the fourth to win and more importantly to advance to the quarter finals.

Team USA’s BC1 players finished the tournament with 3 wins and 8 losses.                                       Cornelius Oatis (OH)  3-1 – advances to quarter finals

Lizzie Flora-Swick (KS) 0-4

Chris Viau (IL) 0-3

 BC1 Individual Pool Play Final Results

BC2 Division

Rafael DeJesus (NY) started today with a 1-2 record and met Alvino Swanepoel of South Africa in his final game in pool play. Rafael played a much better defensive game allowing only 1 point per end. Unfortunately he left his offense at home and lost 4-0 to finish 1-3 in pool play.

Marck Harrison (OH) only had one game on the first day of pool play and he won.  His first match today was against Oscar Lafontana of Argentina. Marck played tentative and fell behind 2-0 after two ends. Marck was able to cut the deficit in half by scoring 1 in the third, but could not rally in the fourth and lost 3-1. His second game was against Carlos Castaneda of Colombia.  Marck got off to a great start by scoring 4 points off of Carlos’ jack. Carlos chipped away at the lead in the second and third end to make the score 4-3 Marck.  Marck play the jack in the fourth and finished well by scoring a point to solidify the win at 5-3. Marck finished at 2-1 but did not advance to the quarter finals due to point differentials.

AB Awar (CA) split a pair yesterday and started the day 1-1. His first game was against Alvino Swanepoel of South Africa. The match was as close as Boccia can get with only 1 point scored each end. It ended in a 2-2 tie and went into overtime play.  AB prevailed and won.  AB’s next game was a must if he would have any hope of moving forward to the medal round.  He was matched against Matias Soto of Chili. Soto got the early lead with one point in the first.  AB score big on his jack in the second and the score was 4-1 at the midway point. Soto repeated himself in the third and scored a single point. AB put the game away in the fourth scoring 2 points and wining 6-2. AB finished second in his pool with a 3-1 record and had to wait until all the games were played to find out if he would move on to the quarter finals.


Team USA’s BC2 players finished pool play with 5 win and 6 losses.

Marck Harrison 2-1

AB Anwar is 3-1

Rafael DeJesus 1-3

BC2 Individual Pool Play Final Results

BC3 Division

Austin Hanson (KS) started the day in the best position of any Team USA member to advance to the medal round.  All he had to do was win his third consecutive game and he would join all the individual pool winners in the quarter finals. His opponent was Jair Garavito of Colombia who is ranked 79th in the world. Austin scored single points in the first and the second to lead 2-0. Jair scored in the third to make it a close match at 2-1.  Austin was able to score in the fourth to win 3-1 and earn the automatic bid to the quarter finals on Thursday.

Fawad Zakai (GA) started the day 1-1 and was matched against Anderson Oliveira of Brazil for his final game. Fawad could not find his offense and Oliveira rolled to an easy 7-0 win.  Fawad finishes pool play at 1-2. Howard Cohen (NY) met Deolinda Fernandes of Brazil in his final game in pool play. Fernandez jumped out to a quick lead scoring 3 points in the first and 2 in the second for a 5-0 lead. She added 3 more in the second half of the game to win 7-0. 

Howie Cohen’s final game was against Javier Ebergenyi of Mexico.  Javier started by scoring 1 point in the first, while Howie battled back with 2 points in the second to lead 2-1.  Javier tied the game in the third at 2-2 and rolled in 3 point s in the fourth to win 5-2.

Team USA BC3’s ended Pool play with 4 wins and 6 losses. 

Austin Hanson (KS): 3-0

Fawad Zakai (GA) 1-2

Howie Cohen (NY) 0-4


BC3 Individual Pool Play Final Results

BC4 Division

Charles Brown (FL) Team USA’s BC4 in the competition came into today 0-2 but has played some of his best boccia. His third game opponent was Marcelo Santos of Brazil. Charlie was off his game but kept Santos close after two ends trailing 3-0 but Santos began to score at will and won easily 12-0. Charlie’s last game was against Robinson Largo of Colombia. Largo took advantage of Charlie’s jack ball and scored 2 in the first. Largo scored 2 points in the second to lead 4-0.  Largo scored 1 in the third. The fourth end had three balls in contact with the jack, Charlie scoring 2, Largo scoring 1 and winning 6-2. Charlie finished 0-4 but played much better than the scores indicated.

Charles Brown, Team USA’s only BC4 ended Pool play with 4 losses. 

BC4 Individual Pool Play Final Results

Division 5

Event organizers added an additional division for the players who were found ineligible for the BC4 division. Two of the three players affected were from the United States, Denise Demello (FL) and Robert Thomas (OH).  The first match today Denise and Robert played the final game in the round robin to determine who would play in the finals. Robert got on the board early with 1 point in the first. Denise fought back scoring 2 points in the second and 1 point in the third to lead 3-1 going into the final end.  She added 2 more to win 5-1 and advance to play in the final.

The unofficial final game for the BC5 division matched Denise DeMello (FL) against Jamal from Bermuda. Denise took an early lead scoring 3 points in the first. Jamal countered in the second off his jack ball and scored 1 point to make it 3-1 at the midway point.  Denise scored 3 in the third to take a 6-1 lead. Jamal was able to add one in the fourth but it wasn’t enoughas Denise won 6-2 and swept the BC5 unofficial competition. 

Thursday, August 8 –Day 5 of Competition:  Medal Rounds

Team USA had two players advance to the quarter finals:

Austin Hanson (KS) BC3 – pool play record: 3-0

Cornelius Oatis (OH) BC1 – pool play record 3-1




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