BlazeSports Volunteer Spotlight – Amandi Rhett


Amahndi and Colin Lancaster

Amandi and Colin Lancaster

Amandi Rhett joined BlazeSports as a volunteer with the track and field program in 2012 and since then has devoted many hours to training the Georgia Blazers athletes and preparing them for a number of competitions throughout the season. 

As a former member of the Women’s Track team at Georgia Tech, Amandi naturally took a lead role with the young track athletes, using her personal experience of training and competing at a high level to encourage the athletes each week to improve on their personal performance.  

As a result of her commitment to the training program, Amandi was invited to travel with the team to Minnesota for the Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports (WASUSA) National Junior Disability Championships (NJDC) as head coach for track and field. Amandi was on hand both track side and in the field pits to offer advice and last minute motivation to the athletes as they prepared for their events.  The hard work of Amandi and the athletes paid off with every member of the travelling GA Blazers team breaking a National record. The majority of athletes also finished 1st place in each of their track or field events – a fantastic achievement and the culmination of an excellent season. 

In addition to her love of the sport of track and field, Amandi also has a strong interest in Prosthetics and Orthotics and volunteering for BlazeSports is a great way to combine her passion for both. She recounts how participation in track and field has had a profound impact on her life.

“It has afforded me a great education and an opportunity to travel the world.  Mostly, I love how participation in athletics builds discipline, character, and self confidence in young people and I have enjoyed participating in the personal growth and development of the Georgia Blazers Track and Field team.” 

BlazeSports is delighted to have Amandi as part of the team and would like to thank her for her time, energy and commitment to the Track and Field program over the past two years.

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