Junior Division Southeastern Conference Championships Wrap Up


Tournament Scores and Awards

Saturday, March 10

8:30  Varsity:  Music City 35 vs.  Charlotte 14 

8:30  Prep:  Music City 2 vs.  Jr. Thunder 16

10:00 Varsity:  Blazers 43   vs.  Lakeshore 40 

10:00  Prep:  Blazers 32   vs.  Lakeshore 6

11:30 Varsity:  Lakeshore 33 vs.  Jr. Thunder 23

11:30 Prep:  Charlotte 6 vs. Jr. Thunder 26

1:00  Varsity:  Blazers 50   vs.  Music City  13 

1:00  Prep:  Lakeshore 0    vs.  Music City 16

2:30  Varsity:  Charlotte 35  vs.  Jr. Thunder 18 

2:30  Prep:  Blazers 37  vs.  Music City 4

4:00   Varsity:  Lakeshore 39   vs.  Charlotte 31  

4:00  Prep:  Lakeshore 6  vs.  Jr. Thunder 42

5:30  Varsity:  Music City 43  vs.  Jr. Thunder 12 

5:30  Prep:  Blazers 26  vs.  Charlotte 4

Sunday, March 11

8:30  Varsity:  Blazers 65   vs.  Jr. Thunder 10

8:30  Prep:  Music City 20  vs.  Charlotte 0

10:00 Varsity:  Blazers 49   vs. Charlotte 32  

10:00  Prep:  Blazers 30  vs.  Jr. Thunder 14

11:30 VarsityLakeshore 37   vs.  Music City  18

11:30 Prep:  Lakeshore 12 vs.  Charlotte 0

1:00  Varsity: Championship Game: GA Blazers 48 vs. Lakeshore 12 

1:00  Prep: Championships Game: GA Blazers 36 vs. Jr. Thunder 11 

Tournament Awards

Prep Division

First Place:  Georgia Blazers
Second Place: Jr. Thunder
Third Place:  Music City Thunder
Fourth Place:  Lakeshore Sharks         
Fifth Place:  Charlotte Bobcats 

Tournament MVP: Samuel Armas, Georgia Blazers      
Sportsmanship Award: Miles Hill, Jr. Thunder                 

Prep All-Tournament Team

Elizabeth Thompson  Jr. Thunder       
Cameron Elzey   Georgia Blazers       
Jonathan Elliston  Music City Thunder      
Alyssa Lynch   Jr. Thunder        
Collin Lancaster   Georgia Blazers

Varsity Division

First Place: Georgia Blazers                                  
Second Place: Lakeshore Lakers            
Third Place: Music City Thunder               
Fourth Place: Charlotte Bobcats           
Fifth Place: Jr. Thunder 

Tournament MVP: Rashad Bennett, Lakeshore Lakers       
Sportsmanship Award: Chad VanDeGrick, Music City Thunder         

Varsity All-Tournament Team

 Elizabeth Becker   Jr. Thunder       
Josh Joines    Georgia Blazers       
Madison Melton   Music City Thunder      
Treyvon Smith   Georgia Blazers       
Austin Banks   Lakeshore Lakers


March has long been known for battles between basketball rivalries.  Those rivalries include wheelchair basketball and will start at the Southeast Regional Junior Wheelchair Basketball Championships being hosted by BlazeSports America, March 10-11, at the All Tournament Players Park in Marietta, GA.

Five regional programs will gather in Marietta for the last major tournament prior to the 2013 National Wheelchair Basketball Championships being held April 18-21 in Louisville, KY.  Varsity and Prep teams from the following programs will play a 22 game round-robin tournament:  Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats (NC), Georgia Blazers, Music City Thunder (TN), Bridge II Sports Jr. Thunder (NC), Lakeshore Lakers (AL).

Varsity teams include players that are 13 years of age and older and are in junior high school or high school. Prep teams include elementary and middle school players under the age of 13.

The 2013 Southeast Regional Championship schedule will be:


Saturday, March 10




8:30am Music City vs. Charlotte Music City vs. Jr. Thunder
10:00am Blazers vs. Lakeshore Blazers vs. Lakeshore
11:30am Lakeshore vs. Jr. Thunder Charlotte vs. Jr. Thunder
1:00pm Blazers vs. Music City Lakeshore vs. Music City
2:30pm Charlotte vs. Jr. Thunder Blazers vs. Music City
4:00pm Lakeshore vs. Charlotte Lakeshore vs. Jr. Thunder
5:30pm Music City vs. Jr. Thunder Blazers vs. Charlotte

Sunday, March 11




8:30am Blazers vs. Thunder Music City vs. Charlotte
10:00am Blazers vs. Charlotte Blazers vs. Jr. Thunder
11:30am Lakeshore vs. Music City Lakeshore vs. Charlotte
1:00pm Varsity Championship Game Prep Championships Game
2:30pm Awards Ceremony  


For more information on wheelchair basketball opportunities in the greater Atlanta area contact BlazeSports America at 404-270-2000.


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