Picking the Right Internship


By Charity Mahone, BlazeSports Intern

Last semester, my professor, invited a representative from BlazeSports America to my Introduction to Sports Management course at Georgia State University. Admittedly, I was unaware of the organization. To be honest, I was quite familiar with the opportunities in athletics and professional sports. I never considered the possibility of working with individuals with a physical disability as it pertains to sports. Nevertheless, Dan Humphreys did an exceptional job explaining how individuals with physical disabilities actively participate in sports. Then he discussed the purpose of BlazeSports America and how the organization impacts the disability sports world.


After class, I immediately pursued an opportunity to be an intern at the organization. At the time, Jeff Jones, Director of Sport & Community Programs, was unavailable to extend me an interview. He was away on business. He promised me he would provide me the opportunity to interview with him when he returned. I believe a week or two passed. Honestly, I thought he forgot about me. I was wrong. When he returned, he did exactly what he told me—contacted me for an interview. That meant a lot to me. After the interview, he asked me when I needed to hear an answer by. I told him as soon as possible. Guess what? The very next day, he extended me an internship opportunity. Once again, he did exactly what he promised. As a student seeking to gain experience, his consistency further compelled me to take the internship opportunity with the BlazeSports.


Unfortunately, some students have a far from rewarding experience at their internship. Sadly, these students spend majority of their internship handling small task such as—filing or making copies. However, I am not having that experience with BlazeSports America. I have only interned three weeks with the organization but I am beyond happy with my choice. Why, you may ask? I have been given the opportunity to provide assistance to BIG events hosted by Blaze such as—The South Eastern Wheelchair Basketball Conference Championship, the Roosevelt Games, and the Dixie Games. Also my supervisor, Gillian Sharp, continues to provide me with daily opportunities to enhance my professional skills. For instance, just yesterday she invited me to accompany her to a business meeting and she even asked for my input. My supervisor asked for my input!


I am grateful and blessed to work with an organization that is focused with not only making the community better but making their employees and interns better professionals as well.

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