Proper Grammar = $$$

As we enter 2013 I can’t help but think of the reports ( of 45 states considering curriculum changes that eliminate cursive handwriting in favor of keyboarding skills.  While this may simply be a sign of progress I shudder to think of a world in a few years where I show my niece (almost three years old now) a hand-written memento from her great-grandmother and she turns to me with a puzzled looks and asks “What language is that?”

While the demise of cursive handwriting may not be the end of the world, it comes at the same time that social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are littered with contractions, slang, abbreviations, and acronyms that have all but replaced the lexicon and grammar that was part of the daily grade school and middle school curriculum for Generation X.  In many ways this is a result of limited space and time constraints coupled with the main objective of quickly communicating a simple, straight forward piece of information through social media.  But what is the cost of this new social media language?  The answer may lie in part in how deeply these habits have infiltrated our use of language and grammar in areas outside the social media context.

Have you allowed LOL and CU L8R to creep into your everyday lexicon?  Without the benefit of MS Word Spelling & Grammar Check do you know when to use there, their, and they’re or its and it’s?  Is your resume free from all spelling and grammar errors?  This article ( by iFixit CEO KYLE WIENS posted on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network discusses the importance of  grammar in today’s job market.

We want to hear from you.  Do you think social media slang can affect the use of proper grammar in other areas of communication?

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