BlazeSports Haiti continues its effort to develop Paralympic Sports in Haiti

Port-au-Prince-BlazeSports International continues to support and develop Paralympic sport programs in Haiti through funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other notable partners. For Jousue Cajuste, who participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time, this event was an amazing experience, one that he will never forget. Cajuste, is now a familiar face to BlazeSports Haiti as he trained for London 2012 at the BlazeSports Haiti Sports Academy in Port-au Prince, for several weeks before his London 2012 debut. (See full story here)

The Haitian delegation, led by BlazeSports Haiti Director Daniel Pierre Charles consisted of three athletes Nephtalie Jean Louis, (javelin and shot put) Leon Gaisil (hand-cycling) and Jousue Cajuste (javelin and shot put) and their coaches as well as the Chairman of the Haitian National Paralympic Committee Jean Chevalier Sanon. While Cajuste, achieved his personal best records in both javelin and shot put, the Haitian delegations’ participation in London 2012 was primarily to serve as a foundation and platform for Rio 2016. According to the Haitian National Paralympic Committee, Haiti’s participation in the London 2012 games was to build up interest amongst Haitians with physical disability in order to develop a bigger and much more competitive delegation for Rio 2016.

One of the highlights in London was when Cajuste received an Orthobox prosthesis donation just two days before his F42 javelin competition. The donation was announced in the Olympic Stadium where Cajouste received a standing ovation from athletes and spectators alike- a moment Mr. Pierre-Charles describes as ‘emotional and moving for the Haitian delegation’. Nephtalie Jean Louis was one of 15 athletes participating in the games as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the fight to eradicate polio.

Overall, the London 2012 games served as a reminder of the triumph of the human spirit, an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. Preparations for Rio 2016 are already underway as Haiti hopes to grab a couple of gold medals.

After a massive earthquake in January 2010, several thousands of Haitians became physically disabled. BlazeSports International, is responding through its commitment to empower people with physical disabilities worldwide, and has been providing and supporting sport and recreational opportunities for persons with physical disabilities in Haiti with the support of the partners like USAID, UN Office for Sport Development and the US Department of State.


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