USA Paralympic Soccer Team Blog Post by Josh McKinney

Hey everyone it’s Josh McKinney, U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team midfielder, back for the third installation of our guest blog.  I just got back home for a short break after our three week camp out in Chula Vista, CA. We are spending a lot of time together as a team and you can see it’s paying off when we are on the field! It is also definitely helping the younger players gain confidence. All the players had a great camp and are excited as London gets closer. Less than 50 days to go! Thanks to the Navy guys for coming out and mixing in with a few of the scrimmages.  They always bring the level of play up helping us compete harder during the scrimmages.

After the break we meet back up for a month long camp back out in California, where the staff will also choose the top 12 players during the camp that will travel to London.  So it should make for some intense training sessions as players want to make the team!

Keep following the BlazeSports Blog to learn more about Josh and the entire U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team as they prepare for London.

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