BlazeSports joins with One World Futbol to distribute sustainable equipment

BlazeSports, thanks to a partnership with UEFA and One World Futbol, has managed to provide playing opportunities to those with disabilities in Haiti and Jordan with a football(soccer) that is “virtually-indestructible”!

The ball, which was created with funding, provided by the singer Sting, has allowed BlazeSports to place sustainable equipment in some of the most deprived areas of Haiti. First to try out the ball were children from a deaf organization in Croix des Bouquets. The children couldn’t believe how “realistic” the ball was and had great fun kicking it around their playing fields.

The group used the footballs during their summer camp in Maissade where these “all-terrain” balls were handed out to players. The young players were impressed by the balls handling and capability on the rocky terrain that they call their field. With the One World Futbol these children can forever enjoy their favorite pastime, without worrying where the next ball is coming from.

BlazeSports also delivered a coaching session in the Middle East where the next players to try out these “unique footballs” were players with disabilities in the City of Zarka in Jordan. A training session was also delivered to members of the Jordanian Cerebral Palsy National team. In doing so, it helped to raise the profile of disability football opportunities across the country. 

It is hope that if additional One World Futbol’s can be sourced that the balls will be distributed to the deprived border areas of Jordan where there is little or no opportunity to play in the country’s number one sport.



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