US Paralympic Soccer Team Blog #2

The US Paralympic Team with their Bronze medals

By guest blogger, Josh McKinney, US Paralympic Soccer Athlete

 BlazeSports is pleased to bring you guest blog stories from US Paralympic Soccer team members as we lead up to the London 2012 Paralympics in August. On May 21st, we introduced you to Josh McKinney and Chris Ahrens who were preparing for BT Paralympic World Cup competition in Great Britain. Josh is back to share with us the results of the tournament and fill us in on what’s next for the team.

“Hey everyone its Josh McKinney with the Paralympic soccer team again. Back home after our trip to the BT Paralympic World Cup where we finished with a Bronze medal! It was great to finish on a strong note after starting the Tournament with a loss. Also looking forward for our next training camp which starts June 10th. I will also be participating in a few camps for kids while I’m out there should be a good time and a great chance to play some soccer!”

In 2011, the US Paralympic Soccer Team finished in 8th at the CP-ISRA World Championships to qualify for the 2012 Paralympics. The US team missed out on the Beijing games in 2008 and the athletes are excited to be returning to the Paralympics this summer. Past visits to the Paralympics include the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens games. The best finish for the US team at a Paralympic Games was 4th in 1996.  BlazeSports wishes the team well at training camp, and congratulations again on your World Cup Bronze! 

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