BlazeSports Requests You Join Us For a CALL to ACTION for CRPD

BlazeSports Requests You Join Us For a CALL to ACTION for CRPD

The time has come to really make our voices heard!

As we recently shared, there has been exciting progress on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Now is the time to generate support for Senate ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and we could use some help. Can you spend less than 5 minutes today raising awareness and support for this issue in Congress?

The CRPD was inspired by US leadership in recognizing the rights of people with disabilities. The CRPD will improve access for Americans with disabilities who live, work, study, or travel abroad, including veterans. And, if you needed one more reason to support the CRPD, Article 30 of the Convention covers the right to participate in sports. As BlazeSports shared last month, the treaty has now been presented by the White House to the Senate for ratification. CRPD ratification is critical to maintaining our leadership role and to eliminating disability discrimination throughout the world.  Disability rights issues have always enjoyed strong bipartisan support (the ADA Amendments passed with unanimous consent in Senate).

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Senator Kerry recently convened with the 7 Democratic and Republican sponsors of the CRPD treaty. (Sens. McCain, Moran, and Barrasso are the leading Republican supporters of the treaty; Sens. Durbin, Harkin, Coons and Udall are the leading Democratic supporters.) Sen. Kerry has agreed to hold a hearing and send the treaty to the Senate floor for a vote on July 26th for the anniversary of the ADA…. only if we have indications of support from enough Republicans (14) to win ratification by this Wednesday (June 27th). 

This news is a result of much hard work! Thanks to considerable public support, the treaty recently moved from the State Department to the White House and from the White House to the Senate! Now we have a short time left to have a hearing and a vote to reach our goal of ratification. Thousands of Americans have already sent letters/emails to the White House… hundreds of you have walked the Halls of Congress.. but now BlazeSports America and numerous other disability organizations are asking our friends for another great push. We have 3 R champions so far (McCain, Barrasso, and Moran) but we need 11 more. Our Republican leads agreed to work hard to get the votes but they can’t do it without your LOUD help!

Below is a list of senators that are almost there but need to hear your voice and we need to act fast!  Tell the senators that the CRPD deserves a hearing and a vote NOW. Make the Anniversary of the ADA on July 26th once again become a beacon of hope to people with disabilities and their families and friends around the world by passing the CRPD treaty on this important occasion. Time is running out in this Congress.CRPD costs the US no additional funds; ratification requires no change to U.S. law; it is good for US business.


Message: Will you support the CRPD (Treaty
112-7)? We want a hearing and floor vote in time for
the ADA anniversary!


LUGAR (IN) – supported
ADA and ADA Amendments! 
Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-4814

CORKER (TN) Click here to email or Call: (202)224-3344

BLUNT (MO) – supported ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-5721

BROWN (MA) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-4543

ENZI (WY) – supported ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-3424

AYOTTE (NH) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-3324

CHAMBLISS (GA) – supported ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-3521

GRASSLEY (IA)- supported ADA and ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-3744

JOHANNS (NE) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-4224

MURKOWSKI (AK) – supported ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-6665

GRAHAM (SC) Email or Call: (202) 224-5972

COBURN (OK) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-5754

COATS (IN) – supported ADA! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-5623

ALEXANDER (TN) – supported ADA Amendments! Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-4944

RISCH (ID) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-2752

HUTCHISON (TX) Click here to email or Call: (202) 224-5922


Senator name:

Date of contact:

Description of contact:

Does the senator support the CRPD/lean to support/oppose?

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