Thank You to Man’s Best Friend!

If you are one of the 39% of Americans who own a dog or the 33% who own a cat (or like one member of BlazeSports staff, owns two  rabbits!), you will likely agree that your furry friend is more than just a pet.  Whether you say this because you own a service animal (which in fact is a specially trained working animal and not a pet at all), or simply because your non-human additions to the house seem to have earned honored family member status – we at BlazeSports understand what your animals mean to you. As we mark National Pet Month, BlazeSports celebrates all that our four legged friends do on our behalf. So whether your animal is a working dog or other service animal, or simply a loving companion, an exercise pal, and a playmate for your children, we invite you to join us in recognizing the contributions that animals make to our lives. BlazeSports also encourages the public to use this month to learn more about Service Animals (both dogs and miniature horses) and the new ADA regulations (released in 2011) governing the use of Service Animals by visiting a fact sheet on the topic at:

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