Russian Teens with Disabilities to Stage Expedition to the North Pole

With the summer games in London on the horizon, it’s easy to forget that there are some pretty stunning achievements in winter sport going on now. In Russia, for instance, a group of 16-18 year olds with disabilities are going to mount a skiing expedition to the North Pole. Organized by Moscow’s Adventure Lab, the adventure will take nine days and cover 100 kilometers. Currently there are 40 candidates vying for one of the seven spots on the April trip. Organizer and Guinness World Record-holding skier Matvey Shparo has no doubt that his team will be able to handle the challenges posed by the expedition. He tells Russia Today of a previous trip with an athlete with a disability:

“When we crossed Greenland we had a guy who could not walk because of spinal paralysis,”Shapro said. “He would sit on a special board and push himself forward with sticks. But his disability did not prevent him from cooking though. So that was his chore, while we would do something else he couldn’t do.”

Clearly the guy could do a lot more than just cook (like ski across Greenland!). We’re confident Shparo and his team will prove similarly capable, and wish them the best of luck!

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