Pakistan Tops England in First International Adaptive Cricket Match

The Pakistani side, courtesy of DAWN.

Earlier this month, we told you that England and Pakistan were facing off in a groundbreaking international cricket match. Well, the results are in, and Pakistan took home the One-day Internationals by 2-1 and the T20 International series 2-0. I really wish I knew what that meant, but, like most of my countrymen, I am cricket ignorant. (If any cricket savvy readers want to expound on this, please leave a comment on our Facebook wall.) But a big congrats to Pakistan, and to England for participating in this trailblazing event.

The England Cricket Board’s national disability manager Ian Martin was upbeat despite the loss, telling The National:

“Through this series that we’ve got here, we’ve been able to display that at the highest level. That’s been the beauty of this series; it’s been able to showcase the abilities these players have.

“In the short term, what I would like to see is this series again perhaps in two years’ time, with the addition of another country or maybe two.

“But certainly in the long term, it would be to have a World Cup of physically disabled cricket.”

We certainly hope he’s right.

An aside: while I was glad to see The National cover the series, I was also baffled by the fact that their article did not include the results of the matches. Instead, it focused almost exclusively on the inspirational stories of the athletes competing. Of course, these stories really are inspiring, but would they ever tell the story of an able-bodied sports event without letting the readership know how it ended? I get that winning isn’t everything, but these competitive athletes surely cared who took home the title and so did their fans. It’s long past the point that we see athletes with disabilities only as feel-good stories. They are legitimate competitors and should be regarded as such.

P.S. A big thanks to DAWN, who did cover the results.

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