BlazeDay at Cotton Indian Elementary

This week the BlazeSports Program staff visited Cotton Indian Elementary School  in Henry Country to hold a BlazeDay for the enthusiastic students and staff. A BlazeDay provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about and then take part in a number of Paralympic sports.   After watching a short Paralympic video, the Cotton Indian students had a taste of sitting volleyball, Boccia and wheelchair racing.  The students were delighted to race their peers in a wheelchair, spike the ball towards the other team, and practice their target throws in Boccia.

Following the activity the students were armed with questions, most of which were directed towards our former international wheelchair basketball player, Cully Mason.  This section of our BlazeDay is the perfect chance for the young people to ask about what it is like to be a in a wheelchair and how a wheelchair user deals with the day-to-day tasks. “ How do you put on your shoes?” was  a popular question, “How do you get to work?” another,  and then much to the amazement of the students Cully provided a demonstration of his basketball skills, which even after a few years off the court are not too rusty!

BlazeSports America would like to thank Cotton Indian Elementary and especially PE teacher, Miss Shumate, for hosting our team over the 2 days.  We look forward to seeing you again.

If you would like to host a BlazeDay at your school, please contact Gillian Sharp, Manager of Community Programs, for more information:

Tel: 404 270 2034


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