20,000 Children Participate in Disability Sports Program in Northern Ireland

Pic courtesy of Inside Ireland.

More than 20,000 children in Northern Ireland have participated in the 5 Star Disability Sports Challenge, reports Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín. The program offers kids both with and without disabilities the opportunity to try their hand at five different Paralympic sports: wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball, boccia, curling, and goalball. These activities help to educate young people about physical disabilities while demonstrating that they don’t prohibit an active, athletic lifestyle. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to play!

The events are also stoking excitement for the approaching Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to the Sports Minister:

What the pupils … have experienced will resonate with them in the build up to the Olympics and long into the future. The 5 Star Disability Sports Challenge has broken down barriers, raised awareness and had a positive impact in the countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This sort of programming is invaluable. By reaching kids when they are still young, we can empower children with disabilities and educate their peers before they have a chance to acquire any anti-disability prejudice. This is why BlazeSports takes its innovative BlazeDays program straight into the schools, including our recent trip to Cotton Indian Elementary School in Henry Country, Georgia. The kids at Cotton Indian got the chance to play sitting volleyball, wheelchair racing, and boccia.

For more information on bringing a BlazeDay to your (or your child’s) school, please contact Gillian Sharp, Manager of Community Programs. You can reach her by phone at 404 270 2034 or by email at gsharp@blazesports.org.

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