Justin Hines Featured on CBS News Sunday Morning

Given my tendency to sleep in on weekends, I seldom get the chance to watch CBS News Sunday Morning on, um, Sunday morning. But thanks to the magic of DVR technology, my (over)sleeping habits don’t prevent me from enjoying the latest from Charles Osgood, Bill Geist, and the rest of the crew.

My DVR did me a solid this weekend; I got to check out their segment on Justin Hines, a Canadian pop sensation and chair user. Hines has the voice of an angel, and Larsen Syndrome, a joint condition that requires him to use a power chair. Justin has released four albums in the past five years, including his latest, Days to Recall, which is already on the best seller charts in Canada and will be released in the US on Christmas Day.

Justin has also experienced some big success in South Aftrica, where his song “Say What You Will” hit number one and was featured in a campaign to build schools. Check out the CBS segment to see Justin visit South Africa (and rappel down a 30-some story building!).

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