BlazesSports takes a big step forward in Haiti

This past week BlazeSports America took a big step forward in Haiti by hiring its first Country Director, Daniel Pierre-Charles, and securing an office and conference complex which will also provide substantial housing space for its staff and consultants. BlazeSports CEO Carol Mushett Johnson and Director of International Sport Development Stuart Sharp along with staff members Senam Apaloo and Felipe Rodriques were in Port-au-Prince to finalize the hiring of Mr. Pierre-Charles and lease the magnificent office/conference/housing compound from Michele and Jerry Tardieu.

Mr. Pierre-Charles recently accepted the position of Country Director after having worked with BlazeSports over the past year-and-a half in his capacity as Secretary General of the Haiti Ministry of Youth, Sport and Civic Engagement, a job he had performed for many years. According to Mr. Pierre-Charles, his motivation for accepting the position was the great potential and capacity that BlazeSports possessed for making a major positive impact on the people of his native country and, particularly, those with physical disability. Mr. Pierre-Charles was instrumental in the success that BlazeSports experienced in Haiti from its initial efforts to provide relief to persons with disabilities following the devastating earthquake of January 2010. BlazeSports is extremely pleased that Mr. Pierre-Charles, a man of principle who is held in the very highest of regards in Haiti, has chosen to join the BlazeSports family.

During a previous trip to Haiti, Carol and her team visited the compound that another international NGO had recently vacated following the conclusion of its work in Haiti. It was very apparent to Carol that the compound offered all the elements necessary to provide the spatial needs for BlazeSports’ operations in Haiti. Upon pursuing an agreement to lease the facility, Carol found the owners to be two persons of great integrity, insight, compassion and vision. Carol made quick friendship, dare it be described as kinship, with Ms. Michelle Tardieu and her son Jerry, a very influential Harvard-educated businessman in Haiti. BlazeSports is so very fortunate to have such great friends, colleagues and supporters as Michele and Jerry in Haiti.

While in Haiti, the BlazeSports team began the formal implementation of the multi-year projects upon which the organization has embarked in the island nation. There is no doubt that with our new team members there that our projects in Haiti will be very successful and produce the desired outcomes that are expected by US Agency of International Development (USAID), US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and United European Football Association (UEFA).

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