Happy 50th Birthday, USAID!!

We’re about a week late on this, but we’d like to send our warmest (belated) birthday wishes to the United States Agency for International Development! The White House issued a proclamation on November 21st to honor the 50th anniversary of the founding of the agency, better known as USAID. As the proclamation puts it:

In the past five decades, USAID has helped developing countries across the globe transform into stable and prosperous nations, vibrant trading partners, and foreign assistance donors themselves. These countries stand as beacons of hope for people striving toward democracy, free economies, and respect for human rights. The critical work of USAID enables these transitions forward, helping prevent and end conflict around the world.

The full text is available here, and definitely worth a look. USAID has achieved much in its half century of existence and we know it will continue to pursuing its mission with vigor for years to come. We at BlazeSports are proud of our continued partnership with USAID, a partnership that is helping us to help people in Haiti, Jordan, and Russia.

Happy Birthday, USAID! May you have many more!

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