New Jersey Teen Doesn’t Need a Left Arm to Play the Line

Pic courtesy of the Daily Record.

At 6′ tall and 260 lbs., Steven Shipley-Sanchez is blessed with a lineman’s build. The fact that he was born without most of his left arm wasn’t going to stop him from fulfilling that potential. Shipley-Sanchez begged his mother to allow him to go out for his football squad at New Jersey’s Jefferson High School. Though initially worried about injuries that had nothing to do with his arm, she relented. And Steven’s coach, Joe Mattesich, is thankful for that. Mattesich tells the Daily Record:

“Not only does he have good size, but he has the right personality and the right mindset. … When you talk to him, he holds nothing back. He’s not about to use the arm as an excuse. He wants to play and he has the ability to get the job done. There are no limits.”

Shipley-Sanchez was set to start on both the offensive and defensive line this season, but suffered a severe ankle sprain in the opening game. While he was back in uniform by the third game, recovering from the injury has been difficult. We have faith in his perseverance, though, and hope to see him starting again soon. Good luck, Steven! We’re all rooting for you!

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