BlazeSports’ Ann Cody Delivers Keynote Address at 31st Korea National Games for the Disabled

On Monday, BlazeSports’ own Ann Cody delivered the Keynote Address at the 31st Korea National Games for the Disabled. Held at the International University of Korea in Jinju, Cody used the opportunity to discuss the impact that the Paralympic Games has had on the communities that have hosted it, including both Atlanta and Seoul. Following the 1988 Games, KOSAD (the Korean Sports Organization for the Disabled) was founded as a legacy organization in much the same manner that BlazeSports emerged as a legacy of the 1996 Games in Atlanta. As KOSAD hosted the event, this was a good opportunity to strengthen ties between two organizations that share common aims. This is especially true as we look forward to the PyeongChang Games in 2018.

Cody also had the privilege of offering remarks at the event’s opening ceremonies. All said, between 4,000 and 5,000 athletes with disabilities from across South Korea will be participating in the National Games. Our intrepid Director of Policy and Global Outreach reports that she has learned a lot during her time in Korea. It seems that the exchange of ideas has been a fruitful one, and we hope it will continue well into the future.

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