Canadian MP in Wheelchair Pushes for Disability Rights, Contends with Thick Carpet

Canada has recently elected its second-ever chair user to its parliament. Manon Perreault, a member of the New Democratic Party, has represented Montcalm, Quebec since taking office this past May. And she’s confronted some unexpected challenges unique to people with persons with disabilities, namely the over-thick carpet on the floor of the House of Commons. The Chronicle Herald reports:

Perreault usually asks parliamentary pages to give her a push across the fluffy fabric, which she says offers a surprising amount of resistance.

“The more that carpets are comfortable, the softer they are, the harder it is (to move),” Perreault told The Canadian Press in a recent interview at her riding office north of Montreal.

“It’s a bit like snow.”

The carpeting hasn’t stopped her from making a name for herself, though. Perreault seeks to increase the visibility of disability issues in Canada. In her first House of Commons statement, she claimed that her win is shared with every Canadian with a disability. BlazeSports wishes MP Perreault the best of luck as she campaigns for the rights of all people up in our neighbor to the north!

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