9/11…we honor all those who made so many sacrifices for our freedoms

A decade ago, terrorists launched attacks on New York City and Washington, DC that ended 3,000 innocent lives. In the years that followed, American servicemen and women shipped off two wars. Thousands of them never came home, and thousands more returned with life-altering injuries.

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, BlazeSports joins the country and the world in remembering the sadness and the sacrifice of that terrible day. We salute the continued bravery of our soldiers, sailors, and pilots, including the veterans with disabilities who have joined the BlazeSports family.

And while we grieve, we look to that day as a reminder of the best of us. The firefighters and police officers who rushed into the World Trade Center towers when self-interest would have them run away. The thousands who sifted through the still smoldering rubble in the hopes of pulling out one last survivor. The members of the American military who heard the call of their country and chose to answer it. The nation that, no matter how fractured it was before or became after, proved itself capable of unity and shared compassion.

Difficult times are still with us, but the memory of 9/11 offers us strength in addition to its sadness, hope in addition to its horror. This, BlazeSports remembers.

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