In the News – Week of August 15

2011 Para-Archery World Ranking Event

More than 90 archers from 12 countries are participating in A Para-Archery World Ranking Event from August 12-18 in Nymburk, the Czech Republic. The tournament’s programs include:

  • Recurve Men and Women W2 and ST
  • Compound Men W1 and Compound Men and Women Open
  • Men’s and Women’s Recurve and Compound Team Open

The United Kingdom’s Danielle Brown, who was selected as the IPC’s Athlete of the Month, and Switzerland’s Philippe Horner, who won the Men’s Individual Compound W1 event at the 2011 World Para-Archery Championships are also competing in the Compound event. For more information please visit:

Cambodian Disability Sport Development

The CNVLD has launched its new Global Giving Priority Project: Building a Multi-Purpose Sports Court at Prek Ksay Pagoda School. The project at the school is one of the national sports development initiatives managed by the CNVLD and funded by Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory and managed by the CNVLD. It aims to build a systematic and effective sport program dedicated to promoting the quality of life for disadvantaged schoolchildren and local athletes with a disability. Sport can play a significant role in healing the wounds among Cambodia’s civil war fighters and in overcoming differences between communities. “Before I was a member of Pol Pots team and had a very bad time, now I am a member of a CNVLD Sports team and have a great time competing against my former enemies who are now my best friends”
The Legendary “Cha Hok”: CNVLD athlete, Founding Athlete member of the CNVLD

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In the News – Week of August 8


2011 Disabled Volleyball World Cup

Six countries participated in the 2011 Disabled Volleyball World Cup held in the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Team Germany defeated Cambodia in the final match and Team Sri Lanka clinched the third place when they defeated Team Slovakia. The Cambodia National Volleyball League for Disabled (CNVLD) – the organizer of the event – promotes disability sports throughout the country by organizing several disability sports tournaments annually and raises awareness of the disability issue worldwide by partnering with international sport and non-sports organizations. The host country is home of approximately 500,000 landmine victims and many Cambodian people are still vulnerable to landmines. The event was broadcast live on television and radio. Congratulations particularly to the Cambodian athletes who strived hard to reach to the final. For more information please visit:

2011 Brazilian National Circuit

The 2011 Brazilian National Circuit took place in Sao Paulo last weekend and more than 600 athletes participated in the three events – athletics, swimming, and powerlifting. Notably, an unofficial new Athletics Men’s 800m was set by Odair dos Santos when he competed in the 800m event (the T11) class, with an extraordinary record of 1:58.47. The visually impaired athlete broke a 25 year old world record.  Team Brazil has been a powerhouse when it comes to competing the aforesaid events. Indeed, the Brazilian team clinched the third place at the 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships and acquired 26 medals at the 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships. For more information about the event, please visit

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Georgia Strikes Gold at 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Georgia Strikes Gold at 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

More than 600 disabled Veteran athletes will compete in a variety of sport competitions at the 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Pittsburgh, Aug. 1-6. The event is presented each year by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). “The National Veterans Wheelchair Games feature some of the most competitive and accomplished wheelchair athletes in the world,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki

Less than two hours into the first day of competition at the 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the Georgia contingent from the Atlanta VA Medical Center had won one of the first Gold medals presented by Games organizers. The team from the Atlanta VA is part of a larger Southeast PVA team representing Georgia and a number of surrounding states.

Marvin Brown, from Atlanta, captured the Gold in the Nine Ball competition. Brown started off slow losing his first game, but rallied in the round-robin tournament to win the Gold. Later in the day, teammate Peter Bassette also won Gold in a different competition division of Nine Ball. Bassette had to play through four rounds of opponents and was forced into a third game tie-breaker against Michael Minor of California to take home the second Gold of the day for the SEPVA squad.

Atlanta VA athletes also participated in Bowling, Basketball and Air Guns. Jacques Swafford, Peter Bassette, William Treadway and Rodney Rosco all participated in the Bowling. The competition continues on Wednesday.

Marvin Brown, hoping for a double on day one, also participated in the evening Air Gun competition. The shooting competition is also a two-day event with final results not yet available.

In the final competition of Day One was the first round of the Wheelchair Basketball tournament. Jacques Swafford represented the SEPVA squad on Team White. One of six teams playing in round one, made up of players from throughout the United States. Team White rolled to a 20-10 lead at half time against Team Green, but couldn’t keep the momentum going in the second half. Team Green pulled out a 31-25 victory.

Day 2 action for the SEPVA squad will include Bowling, Slalom and Weightlifting. Follow the Games on or

Day 2 at the 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

The second day of competition was a slow day for the Atlanta VA contingent. Marvin Brown, yesterday’s Gold medal winner, competed in bowling.

Jesse Hope’s slalom event was rescheduled to Thursday, while the third game for Jacques Swafford and Team White in the wheelchair basketball is scheduled for Thursday night. Jacques Swafford is representing the SEPVA squad on Team White. Yesterday, Team White rolled to a 20-10 lead at half time against Team Green, but couldn’t keep the momentum going in the second half. Team Green pulled out a 31-25 victory. In a second game, they pulled out a 30-28 victory of Team Red.  Thursday they play for the medal round. If they win, they advance to Saturday’s medal round.

The big competition on Day two was Jesse Hope in weightlifting. Jesse was in the Division 1, Open Class, 220 pound weight class. Jesse’s first lift was 175 lbs. and it went up relatively easily. His second attempt was 225 lbs. Although he lifted the weight, his lift was uneven and ruled a no-lift. He decided to keep his third attempt at 225 instead of increasing it. SEPVA teammate Ronnie McFadden from South Carolina was also lifting at 225 so Jesse had a few minutes to rest and prepare for his final attempt. McFadden also mishandled the bar and was called for a no-lift at 225, his second lift.

Jesse’s third attempt was successful but unfortunately was, again, called a no-lift, this time because he failed to re-rack the bar properly. McFadden decided to increase the weight on his last attempt since he easily lifted 225 on his second lift, despite the no-lift call. McFadden’s decision to request 235 lbs. for his third and final lift was correct. He successfully lifted it to win the Silver medal. Jesse Hope settled for the Bronze medal.

Day 3 action for the SEPVA squad will include slalom, table tennis, softball and wheelchair basketball. Follow the Games on or


Day 3 at the 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Jesse Hope’s slalom event, which was rescheduled from Wednesday, started Day 3 of competition. Jesse successfully completed the course, but final results were not available in time for this posting.

Peter Bassette, the Atlanta competitor in Table Tennis, found himself in a strong division. His opening game in the double elimination tournament was against former National team member Patrick McDonald of Madison WI.  In a best of five format, Peter lost his first match 3-1. His second match was for the bronze medal and was against Steve O’Brian of Tucson, AZ. Peter rebounded off his first round loss and won the Bronze after winning 3 of 4 games.


Bassette also represented Atlanta in the Softball competition.  Using the same format as the other team sports, players are assigned to teams. Pater was rostered with Team Black and played second base. Team Black started off strong by scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the first. Peter reached on a single and scored one of the three runs. From that point on Team Red dominated. They shut down Team White’s offense, while scoring the 3 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd, 5 in the 6th and 4 in the 7th to win 14-3.  Peter did hit a double his second time up, one of only two extra base hits for Team Black.  Peter and Team Black play Team Green for the Bronze on Friday, while Team Red will Team White play for the Gold on Saturday.

Late in the day on Wednesday, the Bowling results were posted and Peter won a Bronze medal.

If Team Black wins the Bronze on Friday that would be Peter’s fourth medal in these Games. Five events, four medals… not a bad week in Pittsburgh.

Jacques Swafford continued to represent the SEPVA squad on Team White in masters division wheelchair basketball. Coming off a 1-1 record from day one of the basketball tournament, Team White needed a win to advance to Saturday’s medal round. It was win or go home and Team White fell short in a tough 39-12 loss.

Day 4 action for the SEPVA squad will include field events  and a Bronze medal softball game.  Follow the Games on or

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