2011 Boccia World Cup – Opening Ceremony

2011 Boccia World Cup:  Team USA Prepares for Competition

Team USA joins 32 other countries in the largest Boccia competition prior to the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

Belfast, Ireland: Team USA joined teams from 33 countries in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2011 Boccia World Cup.  Veteran team member, Lee Lobmeyer, was selected to carry the USA sign during the Parade of Teams, while rookie team member Luke Labas had the honor to be the flag bearer for Team USA.

Luke Labas of Fort Wayne, IN was flag bearer for the Opening Ceremonies.

Lee Lobmeyer of Topeka, KS leads Team USA into the Opening Ceremonies.












With Opening ceremonies over, Team USA began to focus on Sunday’s first round of competition. Team USA combined court time with team strategy meetings to develop a competition plan for the first round of matches.  Team USA (23) begins  pool play with matches against Great Britain (2), Hong Kong (9) and Brazil (12) on Day 1.  Team competition is played with three players per team with two substitute players for a total of five players. Team USA is made of two veteran players TJ Hawker (3-time Paralympian, OH) and Jennifer Jay (2-time Paralympian, FL) and three rookie players, Luke Labas (IN),  Marck Harrison (OH) and Cornelius Oatis (OH).

Team preparations continue off the court in a team strategy session.

Team USA taking full advantage of allotted practice time in preparation for Day 1 of competition.

Team USA’s BC3 Pairs team also has a busy Day 1 of competition. Pairs is played with two players from each team with one substitute.  Team USA’s Pairs Team is made up of three veteran players; Austin Hansen (KS), Lee Lobmeyer (KS) and Sam Williams (IL).  Currently ranked tenth in the world the USA trio is competing for a spot in the 2012 London Paralympic Games.  To get there they need to start by dominating round one of pool play which includes get past Belgium (7), Portugal (2) and Argentina (19).

Team and Pairs play will continue for three days and is followed by individual play. Results will be posted as they come in.

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