United Spinal Association Wins Elevator in NYC

Pic courtesy of Flickr.

Just last week, we posted about the effective banning of people in wheelchairs from the St. Petersburg, Russia metro trains. Today, however, we have received the good news that the United Spinal Association (USA) has succeeded in its litigation against New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to force the installation of an elevator at Dyckman Street subway station. The American with Disabilities Act requires that when stations are renovated, a portion of the funds must be spent to ensure accessibility. This class action suit, in which USA was represented by Disability Rights Advocates (DRA), prompted the MTA and the City of New York to comply.

People with disabilities will now be able to access the southbound 1-train at the Dyckman Street stop, located in the Inwood neighborhood (and about 70 blocks up Broadway from your humble blogger). This is particularly important as 25.1% of the resident’s in the station’s zip code self-identify as having a disability, 5.8 percentage points higher than the national average. While the MTA still has a ways to go before it is fully accessible to persons with disabilities, we applaud both its decision to comply with the ADA and the efforts of USA and DRA to ensure this outcome (so many acronyms!). New York City is one of the communities that BlazeSports is serving in cooperation with the US Department of Health and Human Services, so we find this news especially welcome.

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