Georgia Blazers Set the Pace in Track at Junior Nationals

Bryan Powell and Colin Lancaster represented the Georgia Blazers’ Track and Field team at the 2011 National Junior Disability Championships being held in Saginaw, MI in glorious fashion.

Day 2 of track competition saw a break in the near 100 degree heat that is affecting most of the eastern part of the United States. Overcast skies and virtually no wind made for almost ideal race conditions.

Bryan led the day off with a first place finish in the 800 meters, his second first place finish in as many days. His time of 4:33.31 was well off his qualifying time of 3:57.38, but still a solid finish in front of the rest of the competitors.

The 800 meter race was only Colin’s second time competing at the longer distance. Colin’s first 800 meter race was in June in Alabama where he qualified with a time of 4:11.31 but the Saginaw track was much slower. Colin finished with a second place time of 4:22.16.

Powell followed his first place finish in the 800 meters with a repeat performance in the 200. His 200 meter race was less than 60 minutes after his 800 meters. He pushed a great race and recorded a national record time of 59.4 seconds, only to have his time disqualified for a lane violation at the finish line. Although, disappointed with his mistake, Bryan was glad to know he had a national record performance and even happier to know his qualifying time of 55.12 was well below that national record.

In the 200 meters seven year old Colin Lancaster had another very competitive race against nine year old Jeremy Tantsits of New Jersey.  Colin finished with a time of 1:02.53 for second place.

The final day of track competition will be Saturday, July 23 with both Bryan and Colin competing in their fourth track race, the 400 meters.

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