11th Annual BlazeSports International Conference on Paralympic Sport and Physical Activity






General Conference Schedule


Thursday, September 15:             Arrival, Registration and Curb Side Consulting 4-8pm


Friday, September 16:                   Conference Sessions 8am – 5:30pm


Saturday, September 17:              Conference Sessions 8am – 5:30pm


Sunday, September 18:                 Conference Sessions 8am –1pm

Call For Proposals

BlazeSports America is accepting proposals from high-quality presenters for innovative, timely, and dynamic educational sessions to be presented at the 11th Annual BlazeSports International Conference on Paralympic Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation Therapy, September 15-18, 2011 in historic Decatur, GA. Sessions will take place at the Holiday Inn Decatur Conference Center and Agnes Scott College.

For disability sport, physical education, physical activity, and recreation professionals, this conference will deliver high-level, evidence-based, knowledge, and hands-on training.  Through reviews of previous conference evaluations, surveys, and a study of current trends, conference attendees are seeking information and training in the areas of:

  • Coaching Development — Presentations should demonstrate how coaches can effectively apply the current research to their daily activities. Topics may include: coaching philosophy, planning, goal setting, sport psychology/mental skills training, skills and drills, long term athlete development, etc. Topic areas can cover novice and/or advanced coaches and may be classroom or hands on sessions.
  • Adapted Physical Activity and Education — Topics in this area should focus on adapting physical education and activity for inclusion, benefits of physical activity in the school setting for children with physical disability, disability specific modifications for physical activity, specialized equipment that can be used by children with physical disability to participate in physical education and activity.
  • Sport Technical Assistance — Specific topics can be covered such as classification, event management, risk management, site and facility use/specifications, equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Sports Medicine/Injury Prevention and Management — Think of disability and sport specific issues relative to common overuse injuries, how they can be prevented and managed.  Topics should include strength and conditioning program concepts used to prevent common overuse injuries as well as best practices in dealing with sport and physical activity related injuries.
  • Policy and Environmental Change – Topics in this area should focus on policies and strategies aimed at increasing physical activity and healthy living among people with disabilities.  Such sessions may include: access for underserved populations, inclusion in school sponsored athletic programs, built environment, joint use agreements, inclusive and adapted physical education, and physical activity programs.
  • Research and Statistics — We are looking for research topics that can be either directly applied to existing programming or used to generate new programming that will facilitate positive outcomes.  Why is physical activity important?  How much physical activity is required to show a significant change in health status?  What effect can a person’s perception of control over their leisure activity choices have on their long term rehabilitation success?
  • Advocacy — This topic can take many forms.  While advocating on a national level for policy change is important, there must be a progression in learning to advocate.  Topics in this area should include: understanding the ADA (and how policies address  access to physical education, recreation, physical activity, and sport), how to advocate effectively, areas where you may need to advocate for yourself or your clients, what role advocacy groups can play in effecting change.

We seek high-quality speakers and facilitators who can challenge us to think about the world in new ways and help us sharpen our skills that are essential to provide dynamic experiences for professionals, volunteers and participants in disability sport, physical education, physical activity, and recreation therapy.

Target Audience
The international conference draws disability sport, adapted physical education, physical activity, and recreation professionals from across the country and around the world. Presentations should apply to program administrators, coaches, athletes, therapists, and other disability sport, physical education, physical activity, and recreation professionals and educators. The international conference audience is comprised of experienced professionals as well as newcomers to disability sport, physical activity, and recreation therapy.

General Information — Educational Breakout Sessions
Educational breakout sessions are ninety minutes in length. Presenters are encouraged to leave ten minutes or more for questions and answers with participants. Lectures, hands-on workshops, and panel presentations are welcome.

Submitting Session Proposals
Proposals will be accepted beginning May 24 through July 31, 2011. Submitters will receive notification by August 5th as to the disposition of session submissions.

Presentations must not have a commercial message for a particular organization or business or be perceived as a “sales pitch.” BlazeSports America reserves the right to reject any proposal.

Proposals are taken through an online form. Click here for the online form.  The submission site allows you to cut and paste in plain text from Word, in areas requiring more detail. The site provides a confirmation e-mail, upon request, confirming our receipt of your submission. You may submit multiple sessions for consideration, however; we suggest no more than two submissions.

Selection Process
Sessions are reviewed and ultimately selected by the Proposal Review Team. On occasion, submitters will be asked for further clarification. All submitters will receive notification by August 2011.

Application Process
Submit the completed application form to BlazeSports America, Inc. and the following:
1) Current resume;
2) Verification of degree and post-secondary coursework if relevant (transcript and copy of degree as appropriate with requirements of certification level);
3) Verification of continuing education and/or CEUs as relevant;
4) For CDSS II, III & IV verification of CPR/First Aid certification or equivalent for international candidates;
5) For CDSS I – IV copy of BlazeSports documentation of successful completion of BlazeSports Institute of Applied Science CDSS Curriculum (offered annually);
6) Completed and signed verification form of field-based experience;
7) Successfully passes the written and oral certification test (waived during grandfather period);

Questions regarding the conference may be addressed to Dan Humphreys, Director of BlazeTEC, at the BlazeSports National Office, dhumphreys@blazesports.org.

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