News From Egypt – Mubarak Resigns

Mubarak Resigns

by Senior Writer Travis Mushett

On the evening of February 11, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down and turned over all executive power to the nation’s military. This announcement followed 18 days of protests that involved millions of Egyptians in cities throughout the country. In the coming weeks and months, major decisions will be made concerning the administrative futures of many Egyptian institutions. This includes the national Paralympic committee, led by Secretary General Dr. Hossam Mostafa. BlazeSports will be receiving regular updates on how the resignation is impacting Egyptans with disabilities from our in-country staff liaison Ms. Gehad Hossam El Din. Gehad is a talented and knowledgeable addition to the BlazeSports team, and holds a master’s degree in political science and international development.

As you may know, the Egyptian Paralympic Committee has played a critical role in the development of the IPC African Region (ASCOD) and programs throughout North Africa. Dr. Mostafa has been able continue NPC operations throughout the political turmoil and is confident that as services stabilize, the Egyptian Paralympic Committee will very quickly resume business as usual. However, they look forward to increased visibility of persons with disabilities nationwide and to subsequent improvements in living conditions. Dr. Mostafa is also the president of the World Organization Volleyball for Disabled (WOVD). Please check back for regular web updates from Gehad Hossam El Din.

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Dr. Hossam Mostafa, Secretary General of the Egyptian Paralympic Committee, reports that the athletes and staff of NPC Egypt are safe and he thanks BlazeSports America’s staff, members and followers for our thoughts and prayers during these days. We have also heard from many athletes and young emerging leaders with disabilities who have participated in BlazeSports Camps, Youth Summits, and programs through our Facebook communication. They echo Hossam’s reports and are clearly proud of the way that the citizens of Egypt have worked diligently to ensure order and safety while making their voice heard.

Hossam is working tirelessly to keep in touch with the Paralympic network despite the difficulties in communication. BlazeSports America will keep you informed on their wellbeing as communications allow.

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